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Press-releases      1 Sep 2011

LEDAS Achieves Record Revenues from Its Portfolio of Software Development Services

Increasing number of clients outsource their engineering software development to LEDAS

Novosibirsk, Russia: September, 1, 2011 – LEDAS Ltd., a leading provider of products, technology, and services for CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM market, last month significantly increased the scope of services it provides to engineering software vendors worldwide.

The LEDAS team has attained a remarkable level of experience from working twelve years for exacting client Dassault Systemes and other notable CAD and PLM firms. And so today, the skills of the LEDAS team are in high demand as more and more software firms outsource their R&D to LEDAS, increasingly on a long-term basis.

Because of the unique ratio between the high quality of service provided by LEDAS and our reasonable rates -- as well as the ready source of graduates from our neighboring Novosibirsk State University and the scientific campus of Russian Academy of Sciences -- this part of the LEDAS business has a huge potential for expansion,” explained Dmitry Ushakov, CEO of LEDAS, Ltd. “To ratchet up the marketing of our business, LEDAS is now looking for a sales representative to promote the company effectively in the USA and globally.“

New Customer JETCAM International

One new customer is JETCAM International, who transferred part of their software product development to LEDAS. JETCAM is the global market leader for nesting and material lifecycle management software for the sheet metal and aerospace industries. The two firms recently signed a cooperation agreement under which experts from LEDAS will develop advanced functions for JETCAM and CrossTrack code, and provide general support.

We are a long-established (since 1986) CAD/CAM development company, and in our effort to shorten the time-to-market of new releases of our products we desired to set up a small team of very capable developers with strong experience in applied mathematics,” said Ivan Stern, CEO and founder of JETCAM International. “The intention is for this to be a long term engagement, with the goal of eventually outsourcing all the development of our JETCAM CAD/CAM mainstay product. We found LEDAS answers these issues perfectly.”

Record Revenues for 2011

In parallel to the JETCAM projects, LEDAS now performs several contracts for other customers in USA, Europe, and Russia. The total volume of the projects today provides LEDAS with its largest annual revenues in the history of the company.

With its increasing service portfolio, LEDAS continues to invest in R&D of its own products, such as its series of Driving Dimensions plug-ins for Google SketchUp, and Rhinoceros 3D by Robert McNeel & Associates. The underlying constraint solving technology (LGS) is available for licensing by all CAD/CAM/CAE vendors, and is now in use by a dozen commercial parametric drawing, assembly design, and direct modeling applications. As well, the entire development of some of these applications has been outsourced to LEDAS.

Contract with Dassault Concluded After 12 Successful Years

Beginning in 1999, LEDAS initially concentrated on providing software development to Dassault Systemes, a world leader in 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions. LEDAS began by embedding its solutions in CATIA Version 5 software, and then followed up with the development and maintenance of a powerful constraint solver, the implementation of end-user solutions, the extension of user shell functions based on the needs of DS customers, and the implementation of research projects to determine the future direction of constraint-based solutions.

In 2005, a second agreement concentrated on the development of core components for CATIA and related products. Under the new agreement, LEDAS implemented significant projects successfully in the field of computational geometry, including advanced geometric constraint solving and real-time polyhedral operations.

A short time ago, the software modules LEDAS designed for Dassault reached the required level of maturity, and so all projects were brought to a conclusion. No additional services were required from LEDAS, and both sides agreed to terminate the agreements to their mutual benefit.


LEDAS Ltd. is a private, employee-owned software development company founded in 1999. It provides constraint-based design tools, component technologies, and software development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM market.

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