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16 Apr 2010

How To Make a 3D Cartoon in Rhino: A Practical Guide

Ilya Tatarnikov


150,000 people around the globe use Rhinoceros (or Rhino for short) a powerful software for 3D modeling. Having advanced tools for modeling freeform surfaces, Rhino is used in conjunction with dozens of plug-ins, created by McNeel&Associates (the developer of the main program), as well as by independent developers. In this practical guide we look into how to create your own animated film (a 3D cartoon) in Rhino similar to a well-known Pixar trailer. For this we will need:

  1. Rhino; a trial version can be downloaded here
  2. Flamingo plug-in for photorealistic rendering:
  3. RhinoAssembly plug-in:
  4. Any free software for creating an MPEG-file from a series of rendered shots (for instance, ffmpeg:
  5. Approximately 3 hours of your spare time (plus rendering)

The key role in creating an animated film is played by RhinoAssembly plug-in, by means of which we determine lamp kinematics: indirectly set possible trajectories of its parts relative to each other