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4 Jan 2021
World Leaders of CAD/BIM in Humorous Illustrations of isicad

23 Sep 2020
Autodesk Joins Open Design Alliance to Fast Track Improvements to Interoperability
Amy Bunszel

31 Aug 2020
Digital Twin, Okkam’s Razor, and A. Einstein
David Levin

20 Aug 2020
Geometric Solvers, Coronavirus, and C++
David Levin

30 Jul 2020
Top Systems released T-FLEX CAD 17 with new tools for complex high-tech product design

13 May 2020
The Rationale for Monthly Releases of ODA Software
Neil Peterson, Open Design Alliance President

23 Apr 2020
How to Outsource Your Software Development Project Successfully. Part II
David Levin

22 Apr 2020
How to Outsource Your Software Development Project Successfully. Part I
David Levin

17 Apr 2020
Work From Home Yields Record-breaking Interest in LEDAS Cloud Platform
Nikolay Snytnikov, LEDAS Chief Operating Officer

30 Mar 2020
Nikolay Snytnikov, LEDAS Chief Operating Officer

18 Mar 2020
Why Dassault Systèmes is Broadening Its Focus from Things to Life
by David Levin with Francis Bernard

10 Mar 2020
Open Design Alliance: Towards Supporting Universal Workflows for CAD and BIM Data

6 Feb 2020
ANSYS software sales in Russia show annual double-digit growth
David Levin, isicad editor, LEDAS Founder and Chairman

11 Nov 2019
Russia is the Land of Engineering Software Development
Olga Kalyagina

12 Aug 2019
C3D Labs Updates C3D Toolkit for 2019, Adds Fifth SDK

15 Jul 2019
How the Open Design Alliance Is Becoming a Game Changer for the MCAD and BIM/AEC markets

15 Jul 2019
Onshape Rises to the Next Level of the Second Great Project of the SOLIDWORKS creators

21 Nov 2018
DASSAULT SYSTEMES. The French success story in the software industry

16 Feb 2018
The concept of BIM implementation in Kazakhstan: basic facts
Vladimir Talapov

16 Jan 2018
Jon Hirschtick

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