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2 Oct 2019

LEDAS Rebrands with New Logo, New Web Site, New Focus

R&D into BIM, digital medicine, and 3D cloud added to traditional CAD, CAM, 3D

Novosibirsk, Russia: October 2, 2019—LEDAS, Ltd., a longtime provider of research and development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software industry, announced today that it has extended its services to new and more specialized software markets like digital medicine, BIM, and 3D Web solutions. The expansion is emphasized by a new logo and Web site, in addition to its recent relocation to brand new offices in Akadempark, the largest technology park in Russia.

New Trends in LEDAS’ Business

During the last five years, LEDAS increased its income threefold, adding new customers to its portfolio of success stories. The fastest growth occurred in digital medicine, where five software vendors inked contracts with LEDAS for high-quality research and software development services.

Digital medicine, unlike traditional CAD, is dedicated more to processing polygonal meshes and volumetric 3D images, areas in which LEDAS has gained great experience in recent years. The company’s expertise is primarily on digital stomatology (orthodontics, implants, oral hygiene). Here, LEDAS gained customers in three countries, with the largest project coming from the USA.

LEDAS Rebrands

The single largest project undertaken by LEDAS in recent years was an ambitious BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3D Web solution. Overall, it took 50 person-years to complete. Implemented for a large customer in Asia, the project combined modeling of broad and deep classifications of BIM objects with human resource, budget, and time planning, plus impressive visualization – all in a Web browser window. LEDAS’ experience in 3D cloud technology was greatly improved thanks to this project, and the company has gone on to complete other 3D Web projects, some of which were based on its LEDAS Cloud Platform.

“Now we consider and market ourselves as a service with a unique expertise in specialized areas of the CAD market, such as digital medicine, 3D cloud solutions, and BIM,” said Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. “These areas are in fact quite large, but there are far fewer service companies serving them, because working in these areas require a lot of knowledge and experience.”

New Logo and Web Site

A new logo was introduced, and the LEDAS Web site was redesigned to better cover LEDAS’ knowledge and skills in traditional and new areas.

“As the embodiment of rethinking our business focus, the new logo reflects our intent to specialize in new areas of expertise,” said Mr Ershov. “We are focusing on demanding areas of specialization, creating long-term business opportunities for us and our partners.”

LEDAS Rebrands

Traditional Expertise

In addition to the new areas, LEDAS core expertise in development and usage of contemporary 3D engines and libraries, including 3D kernels, has grown continuously, thanks to its work in cooperation with C3D Labs, Open Design Alliance, and ASCON. The same can be said about CAD and CAM, where LEDAS is already very well known thanks to many R&D projects, initially through a long-term cooperation agreement with Dassault Systèmes, and today mainly with EU customers.

“Undoubtedly, we will continue to do work in the general CAD/CAM industry, to make our expertise broader and more integrated,” added Mr Ershov. “LEDAS has solid experience in big industrial projects, profound skills in software engineering, and fundamental competence in mathematics — the best mixture when you need someone developing your challenging CAD/CAM software projects.”

LEDAS is a worldwide leader in providing of research and development services for engineering software market. Choose LEDAS for your CAD software. Begin your consultation by visiting us at

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