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20 Aug 2020

Geometric Solvers, Coronavirus, and C++

David Levin

Better late than never. Just before celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary in March last year, LEDAS finally launched its blog.

But we had a problem. As an experienced service provider in software engineering, LEDAS is perfectly aware that our customers tend to be disinclined to permit us to publicize the work we do for them. Every project we work on involves a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). So, what to post on the blog?

We had to write about other things, and managed to have twelve posts so far under the topics of Geometric Solvers, Coronavirus, and C++.

1. LEDAS has good reason to position itself as a cool company based on our skills and solutions, and a set of happy customers worldwide. To promote our skills without violating NDAs, we published these posts:

2. It just so happened that months after launching the blog, we were substantially impacted by a global problem, and so that became the topic for some more posts:

Another post on this topic gave us an opportunity to market our LEDAS Cloud Platform as a solution to working from home during coronavirus, and this post can be associated with topics 1 and 2:

3. Fortunately, expertise in the tools we use to develop software are not subject to customer NDAs. In particular, we are free to publicly demonstrate the skill of our LEDAS development team in the C++ programming language, as well as talk about creative approaches we found in using a tool that is key to professional software engineering:


It comes as no surprise to me that group 3 (C++) is the champion of interest with the reading public: it landed 43% of overall blog visits, of which half were to How to Hack C++ with Templates and Friends.

Group 1 (LEDAS as a company) came in second at 36%, with the “5 Geometric Solvers…” and “LEDAS Customer Map” posts being the ones of greatest interest to readers.

The remaining 21% were for group 2 (COVID-19). The LEDAS team works very efficiently remotely. Like everyone else, we hope that in the near future there will be fewer occasions and reasons to touch on topics related to the pandemic.

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