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4 Jan 2021

World Leaders of CAD/BIM in Humorous Illustrations of isicad

Some 16 years ago, LEDAS founded, which since has become the leading Russian-language Web portal covering engineering software. Over the years, it has published about 10,000 articles on topics like CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM, BIM, generative design, cloud technology, additive manufacturing, and digital twins.

The portal reports on developments in both the Russian and global markets. It offers readers news articles, interviews on technological advances, trends in innovation, financial results, and described the business development of significant companies. As well, placed promotional materials on the portal, including the home page, for nearly all of the major players in the Russian market – Ansys, Autodesk, ASCON, Dassault Systѐmes, Hexagon, PTC, Siemens Digital Software, Top Systems, and more.

LEDAS' long-running, actively-maintained portal, along with the CAD conferences held during the years 2004-2013 with the participation of global IT companies, contributed to the development of the engineering software business in Russia.

COFES-Russia 2013 with the support of ASCON,, and LEDAS

It allowed LEDAS to establish new business contacts and strengthen its existing ones. In addition to its traditional areas of competency in CAD, 3D modeling, and geometry software development, the company earned recognition worldwide for its implementation of new projects in the fields of cloud technology, 3D orthodontics and digital dentistry software development, and so on.

Our monthly publication has never been published on paper. Nevertheless, it has always been accompanied by virtual covers, which in an informal and even humorous way reflect the most notable article or event during the month. Often, the cover image is based on a well-known world or Russian theme from literary and cinematic backgrounds. All of the covers released to date are posted at

Below you find the covers from 2020 and a mostly adequate translation of the titles. Translation to English is sometimes difficult, especially when the folklore source is Russian.

All images were designed by Anna Kotova.
January 2020

Parameterizing Airplanes

February 2020

Dassault Creates Life

March 2020

On Land, In the Sky, and At Sea

The compass refers to KOMPAS, the name of ASCON’s flagship MCAD software

April 2020

Isolate yourself in Siberia!

May 2020

Cloud-based Atlas

June 2020

Shilovitsky’s Pyramid

July 2020

Welcome the Contestants!

Competition between the two leading Russian CAD/PLM vendors, ASCON and Top Systems, both of whom aim to build engineering software for aviation and shipbuilding.

August 2020

Kaa: Who is unhappy with Revit? Come closer…

Inspired by The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, ref: Autodesk AEC customers demand better value.

September 2020

Why Did the Bear come to the Ball?

Originally a quote from a fable, this article is about Autodesk joining the ODA.

October 2020

Standardization Day

Text on the box: Ordinary CAD

November 2020

Black Friday

December 2020

Text on the rocket-syringe: SPUTNIK

The name of the first satellite is the same as the name of the first Russian vaccine against COVID-19, Sputnik-V.

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