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Press-releases      27 May 2013

Top Systems and LEDAS Present Brand New Geometric Kernel RGK at COFES Russia 2013

First public unveiling of the long awaited 3D kernel developed for the Russian government will be accompanied by roundtable discussion

Novosibirsk and Moscow, Russia: May 27, 2013 – The RGK 3D geometric modeling kernel will be presented for the first time by Top Systems and LEDAS at COFES Russia 2013, the congress on the future of engineering software. COFES is organized annually by Cyon Research, and its first three-day Russian event takes place beginning May 30 in Saint Petersburg.

RGK was developed over last two years by a team of high-tech CAD companies and academic laboratories, under the supervision of STANKIN, the Moscow State Technological University. Top Systems and LEDAS will present RGK as key developers on behalf of STANKIN. Top Systems is a leading private CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Russian software vendor, and LEDAS is a provider of software development services and a developer of high-tech CAD components aimed at the global market.

The world's newest geometric modeling kernel consists of a set of high-tech software components that cover functions found in existing kernels, such as ACIS, CGM, and Parasolid. The new software is being developed as a part of a program for advancing the national engineering capabilities of Russia, and is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Russian software firms on the global market.

“Four key managers of Top Systems are accompanying me to the upcoming COFES Russia 2013 event, and will show several presentations," says Sergey Kuraksin, chief executive officer of Top Systems. “The Top Systems technology suite will be dedicated to our PLM products and their relations with CAD and ERP.

"We will also present new parametric design capabilities by going through the whole chain of our products," he added. "Top Systems is now intensively expanding the areas covered by our products and expertise, and geometric modeling is one of the directions of our expansion. We recommend that participants of COFES Russia 2013 become acquainted with the description of RGK issued recently by Top Systems and LEDAS recently; it forms a good basis for discussion at the roundtable.”

“Several articles and press releases about RGK were issued before its presentation on the isicad portal and other Web sites, and so it has already attracted strong interest from industry experts, as well as from the wider audience,” said Alexey Ershov, chief executive officer of LEDAS. “We received many requests to demonstrate the capabilities of RGK, and even for obtaining of access to RGK itself. I believe that this demo will answer at least some of these questions.

"RGK is still in development phase and some things may be changed in the future," he added. "It is especially a pleasure for me to present this big project at COFES, one of the most respectable think tanks on engineering software in the world, one that we first visited attended in 2009 and then up to this year. The Russian version of COFES was arranged with the significant involvement of LEDAS and our isicad web portal.”

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