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24 Aug 2008

Using LEDAS Computational Software Toolkits to Shorten Development Cycle of Variational CAD Systems

by Dmitry Ushakov, Chief Technology Officer, LEDAS Ltd.

In the paper we present the strategy of the LEDAS Company aimed at providing ready-to-integrate toolkits of computational software modules for developers of commercial CAD/CAM/CAE systems. The modules provided by LEDAS are supposed to be integrated into an application for implementation of the so-called variational approach to parametric design (further on referred to as variational design). The paper describes the main advantages of variational design over traditional history-based parametric design. It presents the main computational engine — a geometric constraint solver — and discusses its applications in CAD/CAM/CAE domain. Describing the basic functionality of typical CAD/CAM/CAE applications (2D sketcher, 3D part modeler, assembly design, drafting, kinematics analysis, and others), we emphasize the advantages of variational approach for end-users. In conclusion we list some prospective applications of variational design in other domains.

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