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Press-releases      3 Apr 2012

LEDAS Assists STANKIN to Develop a New 3D Modeling Kernel

Beneficiary of R&D subcontract, LEDAS helps write Russia's own kernel for 3D modeling in computer-aided design engineering software

Moscow and Novosibirsk: April 3, 2012 - When STANKIN won the tender to develop Russia's own 3D modeling kernel, it subsequently subcontracted R&D work to a number of Russian IT companies. One part of the 3D kernel will be developed by LEDAS Ltd of Novosibirsk.

The contract from the Russian Federation's Ministry of Industry and Trade is for an original, Russia-licensable software kernel for 3D modeling. STANKIN is the popular name for the Moscow State Technological University, which is under the Federal Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education in Russia.

Three-dimensional modeling kernels are sets of software components upon which computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering software is written. Developing a new 3D kernel is an extremely complex task, because it requires mobilizing diverse disciplines in fields such as mathematics and information technology. The new kernel will be the basis of a new generation of software for design, reverse engineering, production planning, and technical documentation. It will allow speedy development of innovative products by Russian firms, allowing them to be competitive in the global market, and will become a part of the national technological basis

For the new kernel, LEDAS will develop modules using sophisticated algorithms that based on computational mathematics and study of finite discrete structures. For instance, one difficult problem solved by LEDAS-developed algorithms is determining with high precision the intersections of arbitrary curves and surfaces.

LEDAS was chosen because it has thirteen years of experience in developing key software components for CAD, including projects it carried out for global leaders in the engineering software market. The projects included the development of an interval mathematical solver used in end-user tools for knowledge-based engineering; creating a geometric constraint solver and its application to parametric drafting, assembly design, animation, kinematics analysis, and direct modeling; establishing methods for converting polygonal meshes into subdivision surfaces, and the unfolding of 3D meshes on planes; calculating distances between 3D objects and performing real-time collision detection; developing feature-based CAD data translation; and inventing variational direct modeling.

"Our experience in the domain of engineering software is based on hundreds of man-years of development expertise," said Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. "Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the mathematical frameworks of CAD, and so have mastered to perfection the methods of implementing technology-intensive projects efficiently in industrial programming."

"A combination of unique achievements by STANKIN coupled with the rich experience of our sub-contractors in developing engineering software for industrial use leaves no doubt whatsoever that the task designated by the government of the Russian Federation will be completed in full and right on time," added Sergey Grigoriev, director of STANKIN.

About STANKIN Moscow State Technological University

Moscow State Technological University, or STANKIN, was founded in 1930 to support at that time one of the most important sectors of the economy, the tool-making industry. It did this by training highly-qualified specialists, because machine tool equipment and attachments, along with new technologies, control systems, and end-to-end computerization, form one of the crucial components of national wealth. This technological environment is important for any country

Today STANKIN is more than an educational institution; it also functions as a research and production facility, houses The Institute of Design - Engineering Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and provides a network of research, academic, and production centers.


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