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20 Sep 2012

Cooperation between ASCON, Bricsys and LEDAS Brings Variational Direct Modeling to KOMPAS-3D

St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk Russia, and Ghent Belgium: September 20, 2012 -- ASCON, developer of KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional modeling system, and LEDAS, a leading provider of R&D services in the field of engineering software, along with Bricsys, provider of constraint-based design technology, jointly announced today that they successfully implemented variational direct modeling technology in the upcoming KOMPAS-3D V13. The importance of this significant milestone is that any history-free 3D model, including ones imported from other computer-aided design systems, can be now modified using KOMPAS-3D. Users will have the ability specify the size and position of 3D model features by applying geometric and dimensional constraints, such as distance, angle, parallelism, and tangency.

The research and development team at LEDAS worked for the last year integrating the VDM (variational direct modeling) technology from Bricsys into C3D (the name for ASCON’s geometric kernel). VDM is based on the LGS 3D solver and was successfully integrated by LEDAS into other popular 3D CAD systems, such as SketchUp, Rhinoceros, and Bricscad V12.

The primary advantage of the new KOMPAS-VDM application is its ability to combine traditional history tree modeling from KOMPAS-3D with new variational direct modeling.

“We are excited to provide KOMPAS-3D users with brand new modeling features,” said Maxim Bogdanov, CEO of ASCON. "Using computational components from Bricsys and the unique technical competence of LEDAS, it became possible for us to implement variational direct modeling in a short time and at a high level. Now every user of KOMPAS-3D V13 will be able to benefit from the high-tech applications we offer.”

“This project was an important step of our developing cooperation with ASCON,” explained Alexey Ershov, CEO of LEDAS. “In this collaboration, LEDAS acted not only as the provider of development services using Bricsys technology, but also as a worldwide reseller of Bricsys software products.”

"Licensing of our variational direct modeling technology by the largest Russian CAD vendor validated our decision to acquire the corresponding IP rights from LEDAS last year," said Erik De Keyser, CEO of Bricsys NV. "Successful implementation of the project was able thanks to close cooperation of ASCON, Bricsys and LEDAS engineers. We are ready to apply the same implementation scheme with other companies who are interested in our state-of-the-art technologies for parametric design in 2D and 3D."

ASCON is Russia's largest developer of engineering software and integrator of IT solutions, specializing in the field of design automation and manufacturing processes. The company was founded in 1989, and now ASCON has customers in more than 6,000 enterprises in many sectors of the economy in Russia and abroad. Its flagship software products are KOMPAS-3D, VERTICAL, and LOTSMAN:PLM.

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ASCON Press Contacts:
Kalyagina Olga
ASCON Head of Corporate Communications
phone and fax +7 (495) 784-74-92
Founded in 1999, LEDAS Ltd. is a private employee-owned Russian software company. LEDAS provides a wide range of high-quality technology-intensive software development and consulting services to the CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM market. LEDAS operates in the world-famous Novosibirsk research center and technology park, and has close contacts with Novosibirsk State University. LEDAS is a worldwide distributor of Bricsys technology. For more information about LEDAS, please visit
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About Bricsys
Through a network of 70 offices on four continents, Bricsys is a global provider of engineering software and software components for three-dimensional modeling. The company’s portfolio consists of Bricscad CAD software, Vondle SaaS platform, Bricsys Meeting Point technical support network, and the VDM constraint-based technology purchased from LEDAS recently. Bricscad is a powerful alternative DWG platform for CAD users that makes it possible for .dwg applications to serve the needs of the growing markets of GIS, AEC, mechanical design, and construction.

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