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20 Aug 2009

Announcement 5(49) 2009 CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

  • Editor-in-chief column: Worse is better
  • The stand of Autodesk: The potential of Europe - in its diversity!
    Interview with Mark Paraskeva, Autodesk Vice President EMIA
  • CAD in crisis - COFES
  • The engineering centre "i-Design" has increased productivity by 40% owing to CATIA implementation
  • Dassault Systemes releases V6R2010
  • Solid Edge with synchronous technology. Tutorial. Parts 4,5
  • "Electrochemical plant" company's specialists have brilliantly mastered Autodesk tools
  • The project of induction furnace IST 2.5
    The view of Autodesk Inventor advanced user
  • The corporate directory "Standard products" V3 from ASCON: efficiency and universality
  • DWGeditor: free DWG legalisation, or how not to be afraid of 2D threat (part 2)
  • New Mastercam ’4
    What enhancements user will see (part 2)
  • Blank preproduction end-to-end cycle using ADEM-VX
  • Alarms and temporal Warnings creation in PC|SCHEMATIC PowerDistribution
  • High-performance computing systems: achievements of 2008-2009 years
  • 3Dconnexion presents SpacePilot PRO - most advanced for today 3D manipulator
  • Designing paradigm: from model to the project
    The new version of technology No. 1 among plant design systems
  • June CAM marathon, or Mastercam X4 rollout!

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