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30 Jul 2008

Announcement 5(41) 2008 CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

  • Editor-in-chief column: If you want it - why don't you try? (pdf)
  • "To take money for the license is archaism, rudiment, which is necessary to abandon!" Interview with Igor Hanin, chairman of the Board of directors, Nanosoft company
  • The financial analysis of the CAE technologies market in 2007. The project "Kings and cabbage" in the field of the engineering analysis
    Part 1. Structure of PLM market and share of CAE segment
  • European ENOVIA Customer Conference describes the perspectives of PLM and SaaS
  • "SAP and Oracle potentially could represent threat for us". Interview with John Squire, vice-president of global marketing, ENOVIA
  • Daylight conversation amidst the "White night". ASCON round table during "CAD White Nights'2008"
  • The experience of PDM and CAD systems implementation at "Ural turbine plant"
  • "Synchronous technology is our significant competitive advantage". Interview with Mike Rebrukh and Jan Larsson at Siemens PLM Connection 2008
  • Solid Edge with synchronous technology changes solid modelling (part 1)
  • The final automation goal for the small & medium size enterprises
  • AutoCAD: model space and paper space for two-dimensional drawing
  • Feature Based Machining in Mastercam X3 (part 1)
  • The cooperation of AMRC and Delcam - the future is coming already today!
  • Pro/TOOLMAKER - the unique solution for multi-axis and high speed machining
  • Recent achievements of Top Systems company
  • ADEM system's CAPP and Vault modules effective application at design and technological divisions of enterprise (part 2)
  • TDMS and NormaCS systems for automated check of references to standard documents
  • SWR-Technology - production process design component (part 2, finale)
  • Interaction simulation of axial-piston hydromachines running gear details using MSC.AFEA
  • Advance Steel system introduction experience at "Coke-chemical-mounting-project" company
  • PCschematic greetings from Copenhagen!
  • isicad-2008: no analogues, except COFES

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