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4 Mar 2009

Announcement 2(46) 2009 CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

  • Editor-in-chief column: The "Military" Theme
  • "Kings" and "cabbage" - 2008. 2008 year financial indexes of the top CAD/CAM/PLM vendors.
    Part 1. Revenue comparative analysis and other factual aspects of the nomination approach in the period of the world crisis
  • Digital Prototyping: Autodesk strengthens competitiveness of worldwide SMB manufacturers
  • Automating the design validation process.
    Today's CAD and PLM software tools help ensure product design quality with accuracy and efficiency
  • Ergonomic analysis specialized solutions application for complex equipment assembling and disassembling technologies design
  • SpaceClaim act II, in which the true identity of the hero is revealed.
    Q&A with new SpaceClaim CEO Chris Randles
  • Creative two-dimensional modelling in integrated system ADEM-VX. Article for designers
  • SolidWorks: face to GOSTs (part 2)
  • Padgett Machine company surpassed competitors owing to CAM system FeatureCAM
  • High-precision machining using wire-cutting machine without expensive high-precision accessories
  • [ Simulation and analysis roundup: Autodesk acquires ALGOR; new benchmarks pop up everywhere
  • On MCAE systems classification (part 2)
  • Latest news on PC|SCHEMATIC XI (part 4, finale)
  • Graphics card choice for work in KOMPAS-3D environment
  • 3Dconnexion 3D mice + Autodesk Inventor = work with pleasure!
  • Matjaz Sajn: "The best software should be simple …"
  • Model Studio CS Pipelines system
  • New mills from Haas company's customer
  • 3D printers: which do we choose? (part 2, finale)

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