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10 Dec 2009

Announcement 7(51) 2009 CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

  • Editor-in-chief column: The French accent in PLM
  • Genesis of CAD/PLM in representation of the Scientist, the Manager and the Businessman. Interview with V.E. Klimov, general director of "Productive technological systems" company
  • The financial analysis of the CAE technologies market in 2008. The project "Kings and cabbage" in the field of the engineering analysis. Part 3. Revenues of CAE market participants. Several CAE technologies trends
  • Autodesk Forum helps to adapt for changes
  • Time of efficient innovations. Complex of ASCON solutions for mechanical engineering
  • SolidWorks 2010: premium-class in designing
  • Autodesk Inventor: seven steps of the designer
  • Managing distributed product development.
    Part 2. The need for simplified product model data.
    Part 3. Realizing the vision of collaborative product development
  • New functionality of version ADEM-8.3 (part II)
  • ADEM-VX. Methods of preproduction optimization made by design engineer
  • Informational decision automated support system for piecework and short-series manufacturing-to-order for mechanical engineering industry
  • The financial analysis of the EDA market in 2008. The project "Kings and cabbage" in the field of the modelling in electronics
  • From PowerDistribution into Automation! (part II)
  • Crisis as the cause to strengthen company's team
  • To the future with CAD. "Round table" in Moscow with Ralph Grabowski
  • Machinebuilders of all countries, consolidate! The review of "Machinebuilders Day with ASCON"
  • For Mastercam reseller conference in Hartford the world crisis is not the hindrance

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