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11 Feb 2014

The Russian and Global Engineering Software Markets through the Eyes of the isicad Readers

David Levin, Dmitry Ushakov

The information presented in this article is based on the statistics around the isicad web sites:

It also includes the results of the isicad-survey “What developments and events of the Russian market of Engineering Software you consider to be the most important?”

1. How Many Readers?

In 2013, we had about 200 000 readers: 150,000 at, 45,000 at plmpedia, and 12,000 at

The audience made more than 300,000 visits and looked through more than 700,000 web pages.

150,000 readers of represent various locations and countries: Moscow — 20%, other Russian cities — 53%, CIS (except Russia) — 18%, other — 9%.

2. Which brands were the most often mentioned

The team of was doing its best to fairly render significant activity of the market players by following the industry news from Russia and worldwide on a daily basis. However, the statistics below reflects also activity of the marketing departments of the companies that send us information in a different way.

Well, here are the main newsmakers of 2013:

  1. Autodesk (mentioned in 36% of publications of
  2. AutoCAD (21%)
  3. SolidWorks (16%)
  4. Dassault (15%)
  5. Siemens (14%)
  6. ÀÑÊÎÍ (14%)
  7. Revit (10%)
  8. Bentley (10%)
  9. CATIA (9%)
  10. PTC (8%)

3. Who are our authors?

Recently, we introduced a special section at “Authors” at which where you can find articles by well known persons translated from English into Russian (like Ralph Grabowski, Monica Schnitger, Randall Newton, Martyn Day, Oleg Shilovitsky, and others), the members of isicad editorial board, and a lot of Russian experts and people from industry.

If you navigate to “Authors” and click an author’s name you can see a list of their isicad publications. For example we have by now translated 25 articles of Ralph, 14 – of Oleg, 10 of Martyn and so on.

In 2013, the most active author (excluding isicad writers) was Vladimir Talapov (18 articles), one of the most known Russian experts, enthusiasts, and promoters of BIM. In total, during 2010-2014, Vladimir has already published 58 (!) papers related to the AEC/BIM.

4. Which articles our readers prefer?

Finally, let’s find out which articles were the hits. Below is the list of the most popular publications of the past year with the number of unique views: The “Top 10 most popular Russian isicad-articles of 2013”:
  1. New features in KOMPAS-3D V14(10062 unique visits)
  2. Russian Geometric Kernel Part I. Architecture and Applications (6950)
  3. Russian Geometric Kernel Part II. Functions and Instruments (4971)
  4. Russian Geometric Kernel Actively Discussed at (4314)
  5. Variational Direct Modeling in KOMPAS-3D V14 (3345)
  6. What happens with introducing of BIM in Russia (3209)
  7. The problems of BIM in Russia are in the heads of the market players (3189)
  8. SOLIDWORKS 2014: The Crisis of Innovations (3123)
  9. The BIM Technology: Why do we need a BIM-manager? (2930)
  10. Autodesk Suites 2014: What are the News? (2477).
Note that the publications related to ASCON practically always remain the champions of such “Top 10” lists.


Our today contains information about 2100+ notions, brands, and persons related to the domain of engineering software. Visitors come to the encyclopedia from its index, from search engines, or following the links from our isicad publications.

As it was already mentioned, in 2013 about 45,000 unique visitors of PLMpedia looked in total through 115,000 web pages. PLMpedia favorites include:

  1. Product Life-cycle Management (2928)
  2. Building Information Modeling (2823)
  3. Discrete Manufacturing (1291)
  4. Dassault Systemes (635)
  5. Rhino 3D (582)
  6. P&ID P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram/drawing (573)
  7. Direct Modeling (546)
  8. Feature (535)
  9. Generative Design (437).

6. From Russia with CAD (

Initially, we introduced as the news-in-English from the Russian market of the engineering software. However, LEDAS specifics very soon induced a sustained technological emphasis, evident from the list of the Top Ten most popular articles published in 2013 in English:
  1. NURBS and CAD: 30 Years Together (1460)
  2. Direct Modeling — Who and Why Needs It? A Review of Competitive Technologies (1229)
  3. The DASSAULT SYSTEMES Success Story (936)
  4. Russian National 3D Kernel (825)
  5. Bentley RM Bridge solves bridge design and analysis problems (820)
  6. Russian 3D-kernel RGK: Functionality, Advantages, and Integration (813)
  7. Jon Hirschtick: New technologies — still focus on what customers want to build with it (783)
  8. Ken Versprille, the Inventor of NURBS, Tells about Past, Present, and Future of CAD (654)
  9. How to Express Design Intent in Rhino 3D (427)
  10. RGK Russian Geometric Kernel Celebrates First Full-Featured Version (395).

25% of the visits to are from USA. Other countries of origin include India, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, and China.

7. The isicad Survey “What developments and events of the Russian IS market you consider to be the most important?”

The survey was opened from December 13, 2013 to January 28, 2014. 303 persons responded, in total mentioning 449 options. Here is the summary of the results:
isicad survey 2013

Here are some links and comments to remind/inform you what are the survey topics about:

What does think

We definitely see the first three positions of 2013 in Russia as follows:
  • RGK: an innovative project resulted in a lot of original solutions that can substantially impact development of an important technological niche of the market
  • C3D: mature high-technology world-class product, which demonstrates competitive ability of Russian CAD
  • COFES Russia: a big successful step towards globalization of the Russian market of engineering software.

Some comments from isicad readers

“Frankly speaking, releasing C3D kernel and RGK development simply make us proud of Russia and our engineers. All other positions seem to be a normal working routine (although sometimes greatly pleasing), except, probably, LEDAS Geometry Comparison (LGC). As far as I understand, LGC, a highly specialized component, inspires enormous respect (as any well thought science-intensive soft); nevertheless, it does not appear to be a “breakthrough” (in my very subjective opinion). While the above “kernel” positions do”.

“The first four positions (COFES Russia 2013, C3D, RGK, and NanoCAD 5.0) obviously are either the landmark events, or directly impact the state of CAD”

“COFES in Russia is the Event! A monument can be erected in honor of the organizers. C3D. It is one thing to announce a component; but to find and persuade customers is something different. SolidWorks is an industry flagship. So all events surrounding such a product are significant; especially delaying an earlier announced, new product”.

“RGK is a milestone event. Perhaps, in about dozens of years a Russian CAD comparable with CATIA and NX will appear”.

“... in my view, among all other things, RGK deserves to win the nomination. Not because of the very fact of creating the geometric kernel, which embodies all fads of the modern national school of software development and mathematics, but because of the companies involved in the technical aspects of the project. They gained much profit in the form of competences and knowledge, which they did not possess before and which they now can employ in their future efforts. Partly due to this project the development team of FlowVision now works together with one of RGK developers, and we find the collaboration promising. I vote for RGK as a contribution to Russian DEVELOPMENT infrastructure“.

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