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12 Nov 2009

Brief isicad-Overview of the Russian CAD/PLM Market: Sept-Oct, 2009

David Levin Sept-Oct Sept-Oct 2009

Dear friends and colleagues,

I present you the 20th brief isicad report about the main events of the Russia & CIS CAD/PLM market – related mainly to Sept-Oct. Such reports have been distributed, in a form of my newsletters, since 2004 when the First isicad PLM+ERP International Forum was held. This tradition of quarterly reports was continued after the Second and Third isicad Forums. isicad reports are associated with cover pages like a clickable picture, which you can see in this message. Newsmakers of the today’s report are: ASCON, Autodesk CIS, Bentley Systems, CAD/CAM/CAE Observer, CAD-Expo Exhibition, Dassault Systemes Russia, LEDAS, Nanosoft, Ralph Grabowski, Siemens PLM Software, SpaceClaim, SolidWorks Russia and Top Systems.

ASCON and Colla – a Latvian authorized distributor of Mastercam – agreed to integrate Mastercam with KOMPAS-3D (one of the most popular Russian CAD system, a product of ASCON) and distribute Mastercam within the ASCON product line by the many regional Russian offices of ASCON.
ASCON celebrated the Russian Day of Industrial Engineering by organizing company’s seminars in 23 cities of Russia.; see also Ralph Grabowski’s article about ASCON in upFront.eZine #614.

Autodesk CIS organized its Forum, when integrated Autodesk seminars were simultaneously held in 40 cities of Russia and CIS (4000+ attendees) supported by web-casting and web-bridges, see isicad report.; see also Ralph Grabowski’s article about Autodesk CIS in upFront.eZine #618

Bentley Systems
Recently sold 120 licenses for $500,000 to Russian design companies specialized in nuclear-energy construction. Bentley is intensively investing into Russian localization and by 2012 plans to increase its income in Russia by 3-5 times. See details (in Russian).

CAD/CAM/CAE Observer
The most popular CAD/PLM review in Russia (however, published in Riga, Latvia) released its 50th issue:
see the English table of content

CAD-Expo Exhibition
The traditional, 20th Softool-2009 (the largest Russian IT exhibition) was held on 27-28 of October. The event includes a CAD-Expo section, see the isicad reportage.

Dassaut Systemes Russia held in Moscow its 5th annual PLM Forum Russia, which attracted an unprecedented number of attendees; see the isicad report.

LEDAS group activity within a reported period is characterized press-releases:

and in a new white-paper How to Express Design Intent in Rhino 3D.; see also Ralph Grabowski’s articles about LEDAS in upFront.eZine: #621 and #622.

A Russian company, established in 2008 and previously known mainly as a sensational “legitimate CAD-for-free” vendor of Nanocad software, suddenly announced “a traditional” way to get their key software NanoCAD Mechanics 2.0 , now – for 25 000 rubles (approx. $800). “The end of a nano fairy tale?” – asked one of the Russian bloggers…; see also Ralph Grabowski’s article about Nanosoft in upFront.eZine #619.

Ralph Grabowski – the Russian Tour

Ralph visited Russia from 6 to 13 September to meet some of the key actors of the Russian CAD/PLM market and participate in the Moscow round table “The Future of CAD”. The tour was described in detail in upFront.eZine papers (from #614 to #622) and in Ralph’s blog. See also the isicad report about the Future of CAD Round Table (in English) and the press-release Isicad and upFront.eZine Organized “The Future of MCAD” Roundtable.

Siemens PLM Software activated promotion of the company’s recent products and solutions in Russia, in particular, synchronous technology, and announced the release of its text books on NX and Solid Edge software in Russian, see a press-release.

SolidWorks Russia held in Moscow a first part of the 11thSolidWorks Forum. Later this year, other parts of the SW Forum will be organized in several other big Russian cities. See the isicad reportage.

SpaceClaim and a Russian engineering company AXIS ( agreed to distribute SpaceClaim products in Russia. In particular, all Russian universities can get academic versions of Spaceclaim Engineer 2009 with unrestricted seating.

Top Systems presented:; see also Ralph Grabowsky’s article about Top Systems in upFront.eZine #617

David Levin David Levin

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