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6 Feb 2020

ANSYS software sales in Russia show annual double-digit growth

The Russian CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/BIM Market: January 2020 News from

David Levin, isicad editor, LEDAS Founder and Chairman

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Using its core competencies in mathematics, computer science, computer-aided design, and a solid expertise in software development, LEDAS provides R&D software outsourcing services in the areas of CAD, CAM, BIM/AEC, 3D digital medicine, and general 3D modeling for desktop and cloud applications.

Here we present in English a part of the isicad January 2020 survey, originally in Russian. In its three sections, we focus on the state of the Russian CAD/PLM/BIM market:

  1. Updates on Russian CAD Firms: ANSYS-CADFEM, Top Systems, ASCON, C3D Labs, Nanosoft
  2. BIM: How to Overcome State Expertise Successfully
  3. Russian CAD Market 2019 Statistics.

I think that some of the Russian companies mentioned, such as Top Systems, ASCON, C3D Labs, and Nanosoft, are already well known to English-language readers. Information about them can be easily found on the Web, in particular in notes written by Ralph Grabowski, such as these:

1. Updates on Russian CAD Firms: ANSYS-CADFEM, Top Systems, ASCON, C3D Labs, Nanosoft

I have been observing the growing activity of ANSYS in Russia through its primary Russian partner CADFEM Group. In January, presented two articles about them.

Firstly, this long interview was given to by Artyom Avedyan, deputy CEO of CADFEM, and his colleague.

 Artem is a prominent specialist in the Russian industry of engineering software. He graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute with a degree in Design, Construction, and Production of Aircraft, defended his Ph.D. thesis in CAD domain, began his career as an engineer at TESIS CAE company, and then landed leadership positions at SOLIDWORKS Russia, PTC Russia, Dassault Systèmes Russia, and Microsoft. Artem notes in the interview that the global CAE (computer-aided engineering) market is developing dynamically in several areas. The annual growth rate is 10%, new technologies are arriving, there is a transition to cloud solutions, and consolidations are occurring through acquisitions. Reviewing the situation of the Russian CAE market, including ANSYS, is especially interesting:

  • In 2014, software sales halved; since 2016 the market began to grow gradually, but has not yet fully recovered
  • Against the background of the Russian governments campaign to substitute the foreign software with native solutions, competition between Western suppliers and between Western and Russian ones has intensified
  • In 2017-2018, Russian companies stocked up on imported software to fulfill future contracts, which for the ma