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22 Sep 2009

Announcement 6(50) 2009 CAD/CAM/CAE Observer

  • Editor-in-chief column: The world goes very well with those in Russia that is on friendly terms with PDM
  • "Don't be afraid of PDM consultants! It is possible to collaborate with them and succeed"
    Interview with P.S.Klepinin, chief information officer, "Autodiesel" plant ("GAZ Group")
  • The financial analysis of the CAE technologies market in 2008.
    The project "Kings and cabbage" in the field of the engineering analysis
    Part 2. PLM market forecast. Revenues of CAE market participants
  • Managing distributed product development.
    Part 1. PDM systems still don't know how to play nice
  • Release of PDM system Autodesk Vault on the Russian market
    Interview with Pavel Bruk, EMEA Manufacturing Sales Development Manager at Autodesk
  • Consulting for aircraft engineering
  • Tactical missiles - using SolidWorks
  • Do you want to embrace the boundless? In Autodesk Inventor 2010 - it is easy!
  • The next winners of "Autodesk Inventor of the month" program
    March, April, May 2009
  • "Piping 3D" - in the three steps
  • New Mastercam ’4
    What enhancements user will see (part 3)
  • New functionality of version ADEM-8.3 (part 1)
  • From PowerDistribution into Automation!
  • New version of Robotmaster system
  • Testing of professional graphics accelerators.
    NVIDIA Quadro FX versus ATI FirePro

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