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16 Jan 2010

Rudolf Danzer: I am excited to be more directly in touch with the day-to-day running of the Autodesk business in Russia

Rudolf Danzer These days, it was announced that Alexander Tasev decided to leave his position of the head of the office of Autodesk Russia & CIS to continue his career beyond the company. As the company's notification says, Alex was 5 years running development of the Autodesk business in Russia & CIS and has contributed a lot into achievements of the company and unprecedented growth of its business in the region. Alex was willingly cooperated with isicad: gave his interviews to, participated in the isicad-2008 Forum, etc.

Since January 15, Rudolf Danzer, an Autodesk Vice-President on Emerging Countries will temporary keep position of the head of the Russia & CIS office. Thanks to support of the Moscow and West-European Autodesk officers, Mr. Danzer has kindly gave his answers to the brief questions of and

How does Mr. Danzer summarise the results of the Autodesk CIS activity during the time the office was headed by Alex Tasev ?
Alex Tasev successfully established and grew the Autodesk business and brand in the CIS. In fact, under his leadership, Autodesk CIS has become one of the most dynamic and fastest growing territories for Autodesk worldwide.
Are there any plans to modify the tactics and strategy of Autodesk CIS in the near future - taking into account the recent economic crisis in particular?
Our overall strategy is clear and is unlikely to change. We are focused on continuing to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art software to help customers experience their ideas digitally before they are built. Our customers use our software tools to design, visualise and simulate their ideas to save time and money, enhance quality and foster innovation for competitive advantage.

We have reacted to the economic crisis by delivering the solutions offering specifically designed to provide support for our customers through the crisis. As we move forward, we may modify our tactics but we do not anticipate any significant changes in the foreseeable future. We will continue to drive to improve our business by making the right investment decisions.

How long will Mr. Danzer remain in his temporary role with Autodesk CIS? How he is going to share out his time between Moscow and West Europe? Does he generally like to visit Moscow?
The current plan is that I will remain in an acting role until we have a new head of business in place. The process of looking for that person has now begun. I expect to spend a significant amount of my time in Russia in the future and yes, I am excited to be more directly in touch with the day-to-day running of business in the country.
Independently on all future positions, we kindly invite Rudolf to actively participate in the COFES Russia Seminar (organized together with Cyon Research, COFES, and personally with Brad Holtz) in the framework of the Forum isicad-2010 (September 14, 2010).
Thank you for the invitation!

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