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17 Jun 2014

Open Design Alliance Announces New President

Neil Peterson takes over as Arnold van der Weide retires

Phoenix, AZ: June 16, 2014 – Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced that Neil Peterson, formerly Chief Technical Officer, was appointed President of the ODA on the retirement of Arnold van der Weide.

“Arnold is retiring after 7 years of distinguished service,” said Neil Peterson. “Under his seasoned leadership ODA has seen a strong and steady growth in membership, as well as significant improvements in the quality and scope of our software.”

“I leave the ODA in extremely capable hands,” commented Arnold van der Weide. “Since becoming CTO in 2007 Neil has built the ODA development team into a modern, stable, highly focused unit that efficiently serves the needs of the industry.”

Peterson was responsible for modernizing the ODA’s infrastructure and establishing automated quality systems. He also doubled the size of the development team and streamlined internal operations through an Agile development process.

“Our infrastructure and process improvements have made us more efficient, allowing us to expand our development into mobile and cloud services,” affirmed Peterson. “I see a bright future for the ODA. I’m pleased to be stepping into this new role, and I’m looking forward to building upon our recent success.”

About Open Design Alliance

We are a non-profit consortium of 1,300 software developers involved in all areas of design. ODA members are committed to open industry-standard formats for the exchange of CAD data.

Our technology platform, Teigha, provides developers with tools to create a rich variety of applications. Applications created with Teigha range from custom data access and editing utilities, to visualization projects and full-scale CAD systems. Our members cooperate by submitting improvements for the common good, resulting in higher-quality tools.

Our platform supports the use of .dwg, .dgn, and .pdf files, and the import and export of many other file formats. It runs on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, and Windows. For more information about us, see

Contact Information
Open Design Alliance
Tel: +1 602 263 7666

10645 N Tatum Boulevard
Suite 200-644
Phoenix AZ 85028 USA

Teigha is the trademark of the Open Design Alliance. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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