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12 Nov 2012
October helps to better understand the market of Engineering Software in Russia
David Levin

1 Oct 2012
Statistics on Service for Analysts and a Critical Look at CAD Market Studies
Nikolay Snytnikov

15 Sep 2012
ASCON Releases DEXMA as a Competitor to PLM 360
Vladimir Malukh

10 Sep 2012
The Power of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Modeling. Part I
Sergey Kozlov, Sergey Kuraskin

4 Sep 2012
Cyon Research compares Russian and global trends of CAD use (with comments by

4 Jun 2012
ASCON’s Mobilezation: My impressions from the “White Nights” Forum
David Levin

27 May 2012
Clive Davies: ASCON is proving to be the ideal partner for Lightwork Design

24 May 2012
NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference 2012
Nikolay Snytnikov

2 May 2012
SketchUp left Google to fall in love with BIM
Dmitry Ushakov

20 Apr 2012
Arizona Dream: A detailed informal report on COFES-2012
Alexey Ershov

3 Apr 2012
LEDAS Experts: How our Company is Involved in Developing Russian Geometric Kernel

3 Apr 2012
Russian National 3D Kernel
Dmitry Ushakov

6 Feb 2012
NURBS, BIM, or Revolution: which topics are most attractive for the readership?
David Levin, Editor-in-Chief of, LEDAS Chairman

30 Dec 2011
NURBS and CAD: 30 Years Together
Dmitry Ushakov

14 Nov 2011
Direct Modeling - Who and Why Needs It? A Review of Competitive Technologies
Dmitry Ushakov

9 Nov 2011
CAD/PLM at the Russian Market (isicad overview, May-October 2011)
David Levin

20 Oct 2011
How Direct Modeling Transforms Cinderella into the Princess
Dmitry Ushakov

20 Oct 2011
Autodesk believes that PLM is something that in minds of many people

4 Oct 2011
Are there many errors in AutoCAD?

30 Sep 2011
Innovator's dilemma of AutoCAD WS: interview with Tal Weiss

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