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29 Jul 2013
Why LEDAS Labs and its Geometry Comparison
David Levin

5 Jul 2013
Mandated BIM for Russia
Marina Korol

17 Jun 2013
Russian RGK 3D Kernel is Presented to the International CAD-Community
Leonid Baranov, Sergey Kozlov, Sergey Kuraksin, Nikolay Snytnikov

14 Jun 2013
COFES Russia 2013: Got What Was this Stuff?
David Levin

10 Jun 2013
Siemens PLM Software: In Russia we work with customers who want to be leaders"

24 May 2013
Russian 3D-kernel RGK: Functionality, Advantages, and Integration
Leonid Baranov, Sergey Kozlov, Dmitry Semin, Nikolay Snytnikov

2 May 2013
From Boston to Scottsdale: from CAD Revolutions to COFES Resilience
Nikolay Snytnikov

18 Apr 2013
David Levin is the winner of the 2013 CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award

15 Apr 2013
Geometric Kernels and Irremovability of Presidents from Office
David Levin

4 Apr 2013
Ken Versprille, the Inventor of NURBS, Tells about Past, Present, and Future of CAD

22 Mar 2013
Combining CAD formats
Elena Reznikova

13 Mar 2013
Eight participants from Russian ASCON, Fidesys, LEDAS, and TopSystems will attend COFES 2013 in Arizona
David Levin

3 Jan 2013
Jon Hirschtick: New technologies still focus on what customers want to build with it

18 Dec 2012
COFES Russia 2013: Two Russian Geometric Modelers, Discussions on Trends in PLM and BIM, and More
David Levin

14 Nov 2012
The Power of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Modeling. Part II
Sergey Kozlov, Sergey Kuraskin

12 Nov 2012
October helps to better understand the market of Engineering Software in Russia
David Levin

1 Oct 2012
Statistics on Service for Analysts and a Critical Look at CAD Market Studies
Nikolay Snytnikov

15 Sep 2012
ASCON Releases DEXMA as a Competitor to PLM 360
Vladimir Malukh

10 Sep 2012
The Power of T-FLEX CAD Parametric Modeling. Part I
Sergey Kozlov, Sergey Kuraskin

4 Sep 2012
Cyon Research compares Russian and global trends of CAD use (with comments by

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