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15 Jul 2019

Onshape Rises to the Next Level of the Second Great Project of the SOLIDWORKS creators and / were fortunate enough to be in communication with Solidworks founder Jon Hirschtik from the very beginning of his new Onshape project. See especially our Skype interview of December 2012.


Later we chatted with Jon and his colleagues via e-mail on a variety of technology topics and followed the development of Onshape with numerous postings on

In particular, note our long interview with Jon, one for which asked permission to host on their well-known web resource.

We believe that the latest Onshape press release "HERMEUS Chooses Onshape for a Hypersonic Jet Plane" (republished at

Onshape Hermeus

and the talk Jon Hirschtik gave at the "Onshape users conference 2019" indicate that the Second Great Project of the SOLIDWORKS creators has risen to the next level of the global market recognition.
Onshape Hermeus

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