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18 Jan 2010

Ralph Grabowski announced availability of a brochure "The Russian MCAD Market" and have earlier in details reflected Ralph Grabowskis visit to Russia (see for example general overview of the visit and reportage from the Round Table Future of CAD held in Moscow).

Now Ralph announced availability of a brochure he has written on the basis of his Russian impressions and notes. Special web page which presents the book in particular says the following.

The first bi-lingual research paper on the state of the mechanical computer-aided design market in Russia. In The Russian MCAD Market, you will learn insights into the following crucial topics:

  • History of MCAD in Russia during and after Soviet rule.
  • Product offerings by MCAD firms native to Russia and from abroad.
  • Special problems faced by Russian firms doing business with the West.
  • Challenges faced by Western MCAD firms running branch offices in Russia.

The content of this whitepaper was collected by upFront.eZine editor Ralph Grabowski during his 10-day tour in late 2009 of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Novosibirsk. The tour was organized by David Levin of LEDAS and sponsored by the CAD vendors visited.

This research paper is critical to understanding the state of the MCAD software business in Russia today.

(Russian translation provided by LEDAS and nanosoft.)

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