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3 Oct 2013

Day 1 of AURu 2013 at Moscow: 1655 visitors attack overcrowded auditoriums

Nikolay Snytnikov

Neither October cloudy weather nor queues to the registration desk and cloakroom could not scare away visitors of AURu. By the end of the day 1, according to an isicad estimate, there were already 1655 participants:


The warming up orchestra. These guys will show themselves in all their glory in the evening:

Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President, speaks about global trends, challenges, and the company's responses. These are: clouds, 3D printing, simulation, PLM...:

Oleg Shilovitsky, Autodesk Senior Director (in the middle of the front row) and Alex Bausk are not only the regular participants of AURu events but its main twitter reporters:

Yulia Maximova, Marketing Director, Russia and CIS (since this June), was responsible for the event organization and has definitely succeeded:

Anastasia Morozova, the former Marketing Director (now - responsible for AEC), always feels with everything that is happening in the organizing and marketing aspect. At the same time, Anastasia is extremely intensively working at AURu within her new domain. Below, you can see her as a plenary speaker about BIM. Her presentation did not raise any critical comments even from the most stringent skeptics. Note that the BIM issue was brought up in at least half of all presentations and discussions of AURu:

The Holiday Inn Sokolniki seems not to have enough room to accommodate all visitors:

3D printing is attractive and fashionable anywhere including AURu:

Relaxation area:

Traditionally, at AURu, one can see a lot of girls. This girl from Fidesys can easily explain you what is tensor, finite elements, and how a CAE module from Fidesys can be plugged into Inventor to send the CAE model to the cloud:

One could make his or her picture against the background of the new Autodesk logo and then print the picture out with a large format Canon printer:

The author of this reportage is interviewing Jim Quanci, Autodesk ADN Director:

The world-famous Lynn Allen is again at AURu to speak about some interesting features of AutoCAD. She has no problems operating a Russian version of AutoCAD:

Nikolay Nyrkov (Dexma Labs, a spin-off of ASCON) considers his participation in AURu to be very fruitful. Nikolay is the head of ASCON cloud-PLM project:

Awards of student projects:

A post-graduate student from China with his Russian professor and his AURu award:

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