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17 Nov 2016

NEOLANT Represents Russian NEOSYNTEZ PLM-System in the IAEA

NEOLANT Group of Companies, Russian developer of information modeling technologies, presented NEOSYNTEZ - the Russian PLM-System (PLM Plant Lifecycle Management) for industrial and civil enterprises during the Third International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management Challenges and Approaches held in Vienna, Austria, 7-11 November 2016. The event was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

It is encouraging that Russian technologies accumulating long-term experience of the NEOLANT Company are proven to be globally competitive. High interest of experts from many countries to our developments and appreciation of IAEA experts supports the conclusion. Among the conference participants we met a number of likeminded partners developing information modeling technology for different NPP lifecycle stages. Nuclear power plant is a dangerous facility comprising hundreds of thousands of equipment items and tens of pipeline kilometers, while a lifecycle (LC) from conceptual design to decommissioning lasts for over a 100 years. Hence, issues of knowledge transfer about facility, personnel training, integration of different IT systems, and others are becoming ever more relevant. We are proud of Russian achievements in this field: information modeling technologies have been proven on tens of Russian nuclear facilities and effectively solve the mentioned tasks. We are ready to share our experience and accumulated expertise with newcomer countries, Vladislav Tichonovsky, First Deputy Director General, NEOLANT GC, comments.

A NEOLANTs conference report, a poster presentation (Fig. 2) and a joint ROASTOM/NEOLANT exhibition represented background of the system development, benefits from its usage for industrial and civil construction, and performance capabilities. A movie demonstrated the system operation at the exhibition stand:

Fig.1 From the left to the right: Vitaliy Kolomiets (IAEA), Vladislav Tikhonovsky and Alexey Kabachnikov (NEOLANT GC) at the ROSATOMs Stand

The NEOLANTs specialists, reported at the demonstration stand, explained that the NEOSYNTEZ system is based on a data centric approach and helps to create the whole information model of an industrial facility. That information model is a single updated and structured digital data storage comprising engineering and financial information for every facility unit. The information effectively supports making decisions on asset management throughout the facility lifecycle: from design to decommissioning. The approach ensures the following competitive advantages for the facility:
  • Enhanced environmental and industrial safety on the base of
    • visual control of maintenance procedure implementation, radiological conditions, fire protection, etc.;
    • use of advanced tools for operating and maintenance personnel training.
  • Higher level of engineering and managerial decisions through
    • consolidation of configuration, process, financial, and time features in a single model comprehensively;
      • complete, updated, reliable, and interrelated data on the facility;
      • capability to analyze data in any section views and with visual reference to facility items.
  • Mitigated risk of facility information loss owing to creation of a single digital storage of full information required for the facility operation.
  • Reduced facility ownership cost through maximal implementation of the system capabilities solving practical tasks at any facility LC stage.

Fig.2 NEOLANTs Stand Report

Fig. 3 Vitaliy Kolomiets (IAEA), Maksim Gladyshev, Alexey Kabachnikov, Alexey Katukhov (NEOLANT GC) at the NEOLANTs Stand Report

Within the frameworks of the Conference agenda, Aleksey Kabachnikov, leading engineer of the Engineering Models Division, NEOLANT, gave the report: NPP Information Model as an Innovative Approach to End-to-End Lifecycle Management of the NPP and Nuclear Knowledge Management Proven in Russia describing the NEOSYNTEZ engineering data management system as an information model of an industrial facility integrated purpose-designed applications to support making justified engineering, process and managerial decisions and implementing them by various services of the facility including operating, construction, design, maintenance, scientific research institutions and sub-contractors:

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