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9 Aug 2014

Intergraph and Russian NEOLANT Join Efforts to Implement Effective and Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants


Experts of the group of companies NEOLANT presented to the western market russian-based competencies in terms of information support of NPP decommissioning at HxGN LIVE 2014 - Las Vegas International Conference.

HxGN LIVE 2014 is the Hexagon’s users biggest International Conference with Intergraph company as a part of it. All in all, the event hosts more than 3 500 participants from 70 countries worldwide! The most up-to-date development trends in engineering and geospatial technologies to support the sites lifecycle & to take management decisions – are subject for review at the Conference.

neolant intergraph 1

Alexander Semenov (NEOLANT Service, Stavropol) and Dmitry Dorobin (NEOLANT, Moscow) present the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning to the western colleagues

Being a strategic partner of Intergraph in Russia, NEOLANT have participated in the international event of global scale for the first time and demonstrated to the western colleagues the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning based on Intergraph’s PLM platform, unparalleled anywhere in the world. The said system is aimed on effective and undangerous NPP units decommissioning – which is, in its turn, one of the top-priority tasks declared by the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.

Fundamentally, the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning uses common data cynchronization network (including engineering-design, operating, reference, and other types of documentation) on the base of engineering information model. At that 2D/3D graphics and semantic data translation between CAD system and PLM different platforms is completed by InterBridge – NEOLANT’s self-design product.

neolant intergraph 2

Data display of the integrated & radiation survey in three-dimensional engineering model

As of today, Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning works at six Russian NPPs supporting data set of the most important basic functions:
  • accumulation and storage of all need engineering, design and other documentation till the end of decommissioning process;
  • data exchange within information sub-systems which are active at NPP;
  • infware for automated development of documents, need within a power units decommissioning, including the generation of the units’ technical evaluation reports;
  • accumulation and integration of information concerning the radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel current status;
  • visualization of the composition and structure of the units and facilities located on the NPP site.
«Nuclear power industry experienced sort of a boom in its development back to 60-s and 70-s last century – the majority of nuclear power plants were built at that period. Nowadays their lifetime is near to expire, so the mankind is facing an ambitious target – to decommission the radiation hazardous sites. As Russia became the first country to use technology of “peaceful atom”, so it is the first again to solve the corresponding problems. The experience accumulated in Russia, and gained by NEOLANT particularly in terms of NPP decommissioning information support, is in great request worldwide by nuclear industry, because such skills are rare to find» , – said Andreas Weisbecker, Director of Intergraph PP&M in Russia.

The experience practice gained while Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning was implemented and operated at different NPPs was repeatedly delivered to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). As well as World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) experts marked the System performance effectiveness very high.

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