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19 Mar 2013

Nanosoft upgrades nanoCAD. Keep it fresh.

nanoCAD 4.5 released

18 March 2013. Nanosoft, CAD vendor based in Moscow, Russia, is proud to announce the release of the new version of its principal software product nanoCAD 4.5 – easy-to-use computer aided design application with classic user interface and native .dwg support. nanoCAD 4.5 replaces nanoCAD 3.5 which was launched one year ago.

Nanosoft team worked hard to make the new nanoCAD even better and still free to use and share. Warm welcome of the nanoCAD 3.5 was a driving force to everybody involved in the nanoCAD project.

“nanoCAD is not just an another CAD, it creates a community of CAD users with a free spirit. Nanosoft gives out nanoCAD for free and our new friends all over the world give their respect to Nanosoft and support in return.” – says Dmitry Popov, Development director, Nanosoft. “nanoCAD team was extended by volunteers working on translation of the nanoCAD's User Interface and documentation to local languages. Public nanoCAD 4.5 beta-testing program also was of a great help to us. Over a thousand of beta-testers tried the new version of nanoCAD and sent their bug reports, comments and gave their feedback to improve usability and functionality of the release version. Now everybody can install, use and share nanoCAD 4.5 – the CAD made by professionals and volunteers, the free CAD for free minded people.”

nanoCAD 4.5 new features

nanoCAD 4.5 has over 40 new and reviewed functions and commands. Its usability and quality were improved thank to the response from nanoCAD users.

Most of the improvements are directed on enhancing efficiency of user’s interaction with the program. Starting from the improved compatibility mode for video-adapter to a dozen new options in the Inspector – all of them should help nanoCAD 4.5 users to do the job faster, with more comfort and error-free. nanoCAD received a fine-tuned video-subsystem with a better OpenGL support. nanoCAD’s performance when working with drawings containing complex blocks was improved. Object creation algorithms were enhanced, program works better with hatches and raster underlays. New options in Inspector and Layers dialogues help users to act more intuitively.

Advanced nanoCAD users and Members of the nanoCAD Developers Club got new tools to customize nanoCAD and to develop utilities and applications.

nanoCAD API improvements

Already well equipped API of the nanoCAD was extended with two more APIs. The first one is LISP. It should help 'hardcore' CAD users and developers to use in the nanoCAD LISP utilities and custom commands, written for other CAD products.

Another API is a MultiCAD API for C++ and .NET, a revolutionary development tool to create binary compatible applications for different CAD platforms. Application, developed with the use of a MultiCAD API will be able to run in nanoCAD as well in the other CAD, e.g AutoCAD. List of supported CAD platforms by MultiCAD API will be extended soon.

Fast growing nanoCAD Developers Community should prove the idea of nanoCAD as the one and only free CAD development platform.

About Nanosoft
Nanosoft is a rapidly growing and ambitious CAD developer and service provider based in Moscow, Russia. Since 2008 Nanosoft have won a recognition of more than 200 thousand users. Nanosoft focused on the creation of cost-effective CAD solutions providing the ideal vehicle for the mass upgrade from the use of unlicensed CAD software to the use of legitimate software. For more information about Nanosoft, please visit

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