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8 Dec 2009

Battle between modern CAM-systems

The first ever open competition event in Russia, called the "Battle Between Modern CAM-Systems", took place on December 3, 2009 between Edgecam and ADEM.

3D model for competition

The Russian Industrial Company (a certified authorized distributor of Edgecam) that initiated the event, provided site and initial data in the form of a mathematical model, process design and manufacturing of which were in the core of competition between the two systems.

The event aroused significant interest and it was a great success. Both systems demonstrated their capabilities in programming domestic and foreign CNC machine tools. Small desktop milling machines were provided by Roland and “Leninets” Plant” Research and Development Centre. Details of the matrix were produced in full by both systems including rough and finish 3D mode. Three different tools were employed: two cylindrical and one cutter fitting. Instead of metal billets, a special material – model plastic - was used to shorten the processing time and reduce the noise.

Complete plastic part

Visitors were also able to verify the possibilities of ADEM as an integrated CAD / CAM / CAPP system. Along with CNC programming, ADEM was used for creating matrix design drawings, and technological process, comprising: a route chart, a tooling program, a tool setup sheet, a sketches chart, and for calculating the treatment time.

The ADEM Group calls to extend the initiative and invites developers and technical specialists in other systems to organize a similar show in any of the following nominations: 3D and flat modeling and design documentation, process design and shop floor documentation, creation and optimization of NC programs, knowledge update (work with paper drawings and control programs).

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