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15 Apr 2011

COFES 2011: Day 1. @dmitryushakov: "Very tired. And very satisfied. The best I could expect from the first day of my first COFES"

David Levin

COFES 2011 was opened today in Arizona. Probably Dmitry Ushakov @dmitryushakov, CEO LEDAS and co-editor of / is the most geographically distant participant: his way from Novosibirsk to Scottsdale took about 30 hrs. and will likely publish more serious reports of participants, but right now I, sitting in Novosibirsk (today: +20C, sunny), will briefly retell the 1st day agenda, and quote some tweets from #COFES2011. The pictures are taken from twitter, from cadovod - one of the most popular Russian CAD bloggers, and from Oleg Shilovitsky blog. As for Dmitry Ushakov, his COFES interests are for 95% related to LEDAS but maybe remaining 5% enable him sooner or later to write an integrated report for isicad.

I love a picture of all participants from Russia because it clearly demonstrates that COFES 2011 could already be announced successful:

* * *

Official opening was in the evening (local time) while during the day there were some traditional sub-events. First of all, it was a beginning of DaS (Design and Sustainability) Symposium. The topic is more or less hot for many countries but for some of them it became absolutely pragmatic. The same is true for business. Note that the founders of DaS include Autodesk, buildingSMART Alliance, CIFE, Cyon Research, Gensler, PTC, Siemens, SolidWorks, and Sustainable Minds. The DaS agenda can be seen here.

I found an interesting related tweet: Also sounds like today's PLM tools aren't ready to fully support sustainable design - concepts haven't been baked in yet...

All other events were after the lunch. Here is a lunch photo from Oleg Shilovitsky:

One of the 1st day's events was "Tech Soft 3D Annual Customer Meeting". Looks like something similar to vendor's seminars of the isicad Forums.
Evan Yares: «Wow - 52 people in the TechSoft3D meeting.

Ron Fritz, CEO, TechSoft 3D opens the meeting:

Another special session: "Augmented Reality: Practical Business Applications». This was already described in Oleg's early morning post (Does anybody know whether and when Oleg sleep?). As he always writes, "Navigate your browser to the mentioned link" and you'll definitely be interested and even satisfied. However, the pictures are so nice that I want to put two of them right here:

One more session was "International Business Update" presented by Tony Christian from Cambashi. I was lucky to be at a similar presentation at COFES-Israel and can definitely confirm that Cambashi's review is very factful but it's better to listen to it not after transcontinental flights.

The last of the preliminary sessions was "The Future of Innovation" by Chris De Neef, Fast Track Consulting. A similar talk was also made by Chris at COFES-Israel where I found it as one of the most interesting for me, see my English blogpost. In the COFES 2011 agenda you can find a recommendation to go and get acquainted with Chris's presentation at COFES Israel.

#cofes2011 has multiply retweeted some phrases from Chris talk: «"From now on all innovation has to be social"...and sustainable"», «"I just bought a new car, knowing it's probably the last car I'll ever buy. We're moving from owning to access"», «Key difference may be that in Europe #green thinking is mostly imposed by Government, in the US it is driven by business sector!»:
(I wonder who is imposing green thinking in Russia?)

As far as I understand, there was also a meeting of bloggers. Don't know whether it's at that meeting but it's realy a very nice tweet: @dorasmith meeting @DeelipMenezes live for the 1st time! See Deelip's recent post with a photo of him and Dora Smith, Director Global Social Media at Siemens PLM.

@olegshilovitsky's picture is probably from bloggers meeting:

@dmitryushakov: Since @olegshilovitsky cannot tweet his photo, doing this for him:

At last, there was a formal opening. When I took a glance at the cadovod's picture of Brad, it struck me that Brad is with his (red) tie:)):

And finally a welcome party:

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