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4 Oct 2013

Day 2 of AURu 2013 in Moscow: Luxury Yachts Are Best Designed With PLM 360

Nikolay Snytnikov

Jim Quanci, Autodesk Developer Network Director, speaks about acquisitions the company has made over the last 20 years. 2000 employees out of 7000 came from the acquired companies. Above all, acquisitions help injecting fresh innovation ideas:

As always when remote virtual love becomes material, there can be different scenarios of the relationship development: passion, friendly hugs, or... well, let's call it "cold fish":


For sure, by acqusitions, Autodesk tries to gain time to the market and get new technologiies. However Mr. Qaunci says that it's people who are the main strategic goal of acquisitions:


Scott Moyse (SMI Group, New Zeland) speaks about his experience of using PLM 360 to save every cent while designing interiors for luxury yachts. It is worth noting that in the presentation there was a clear lack of pictures of pretty girls in bikinis on the front of the yachts and the Pacific:


However many pretty pictures will likely to appear in the isicad-interview with Scott (a PLM 360 user) who is now sitting near Oleg Shilovitsky (the key responsible for PLM 360):


Photo shoots with a new Autodesk logo were extremely popular:


"Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to start working" says the last slide by Marina Korol who moderated a round table "BIM for Russia":


Lynn Allen and her presentations are always photogenic:


In the official publications, software vendors rarely mention their competitors, however from time to time this can be noticed in user descriptions of the real-life software environments:


(Carlos Olguin) (Autodesk Research) demonstrates to the author of this report some results of self-assembling based on 3D Bio-Printing from Organovo combined with 4D printing from MIT:


At the concluding press-conference, the top managers of Autodek Russia and CIS Yulia Maximova, Anastasia Morozova, Alexey Ryzhov, and Evgeniy Lesnikov very seriously and impressively spoke about the company's achievements and plans; however, they found a good reason for smiling: AURu 2013 was obviously successful:


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