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1 Jun 2010

Autodesk Forum-2010 in Moscow: How Many New Gimmicks?

Autodesk-Hummer Recent news on Twitter Autodesk_CIS: “We are pleased to announce that this year the Autodesk Forum will take place on September 22-23 in Moscow. Make sure you mark these dates in your diary:)”. David Levin, the editor-in-chief of sought further details from Anastasia Morozova, Field Marketing Area Team Manager, Autodesk Russia and CIS.

Ŕnastasia Ěorozova: Yes, now we can confirm that the Autodesk Forum will be on September 22-23. This year it is held in Moscow. As you can see, for the first time it is planned to continue for two days. All previous Forums were good but every time us, as the organizers, and participants suffered because one day was only enough to get a cursory view of the problems. The two-day format should help us to make this event interesting and above all practically useful for all our traditional clients – representatives of manufacturers and architecture-and-construction industry. This year for the first time we will have special sections for animators and graphic designers.
Typically Autodesk Forums have all kinds of cool surprises like giving a lift to the attendees by Hummers … … Probably two days will accommodate twice as many cool things as usual?
Certainly, the objective of our Forum is very clear – to deliver useful information and sensations that our clients don’t get in their daily working routine. With Internet popularity it is becoming a more and more difficult task but we are also getting smarter and more inventive :).

This year we have a who-o-ole bunch of interesting ideas which we are now working on. From demonstrating hardware technologies and various equipment that they write a lot about but not everybody has had a possibility to see it with one’s own eyes, ask questions to the experts and see if it fits their company, to completely crazy ideas about demonstrating new computer games developed in Autodesk products. I think that for many of our clients it will be interesting to see how someone uses the products, which they employ to visualize their projects, for development of the most popular FPS or air-simulators. And if combined with powerful stereo-effects and state-of-the-art equipment... Actually, it’s better to see this for oneself :).

Two full days… You don’t mean that everything will come down to specifics and bigger entertainment? Or you will engage some new formats after all?
New formats definitely will be present. First of all, two days finally give us an opportunity to include many presentations by our clients into the program. Typically, demonstrating already proven user experience is a much expected part of the event. Also, apart from the primary flow of presentations in the main auditorium, we are organizing several additional flows with presentations focused on implementation technology, lessons learnt and product uses, new software – those products that are at the stage of development... There definitely will be a session for programmers – who develop applications for our products. Obviously we plan a series of presentations for educations institutions. Many presentations will be given by our authorized partners. So participants will not only be able to get valuable information but also select a future supplier on the basis of the level of competence shown by the specialists of a particular partner. Certainly there will be special presentations by our partner - HP. This year NVIDIA also has become a Forum partner.

As you understand the Program is not finalized yet. More details can be found in July on our site.

I, as the organizer of the COFES-Russia seminar (which takes place on September 21 in Moscow as part of isicad-2010), am pleased that we have been able to agree on adjacency of your Forum and the seminar. How will this adjacency affect the Autodesk Forum?
A number of top-ranking experts and journalists that are coming to COFES-Russia will certainly make a contribution to development of Russian CAD industry in general. The Round Tables already included in the COFES program will be of interest to many users and unequivocally stimulate further intellectual fermentation and, subsequently, show a way forward. We have invited Brad Holtz, the President of Cyon Research Inc. and COFES, to speak at our Forum.

I have no doubts that Autodesk Forum will benefit from adjacency with COFES- Russia as people will be able to visit both events, which means they can get a more complete picture as to what technologies are available today and what we should expect from CAD in the future. Some sort of a CAD week in Moscow :).

Looks like September 21 will be a rather hard day for you: intensive preparation of a two-day “multi-cool” Autodesk Forum is not so easy … Still I hope for your active involvement in the COFES-seminar, which among other things will include a representative international discussion about modern and prospective marketing methods …
I’ll try to do my best! In the meantime I advise all readers to reserve September 21-23 in your diary. I have no doubts that you will not regret if you decide to spend these three days to learn what is happening with design tools, what pioneer products are already available and what can be expected in the future. More information about the Autodesk Forum will start appearing on the Autodesk site in July.
Thank you for the interview.

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