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Press-releases      19 Nov 2010

FARO and TESIS open a new fully-fledged Calibration Center for advanced measuring devices

FARO and TESIS open a new fully-fledged Calibration Center for advanced measuring devices in Moscow, Russia

Stuttgart, 18th November 2010 – FARO, the world’s leading provider of portable measurement and imaging systems and TESIS are joining forces to establish a fully-fledged new calibration and service center for FARO products in Moscow. The new center opening on 16th December 2010 with a customer and VIP event will enable owners of FARO products to conveniently service and recalibrate their tools within their own market region instead of sending them abroad.

FARO and quality management certifiers recommend recalibration and servicing of arms and scanners on a yearly basis. With the growing success of FARO products in the Russian and CIS territories, FARO began looking for a suitable partner to perform this service in the region. TESIS Ltd. turned out to be the ideal choice. Founded in 1994, TESIS grew to be a leading engineering solutions company as distributor of a range of hard and software for engineering and metrology.

The relationship with FARO began around the turn of the millennium. “FARO equipment gives you measurements in a mobile package at a level of accuracy that was unthinkable even 15 years ago,” says Sergey Kursakov, General Director of TESIS Ltd. “We are very satisfied with the performance of all the FARO products, but like any hardware, it takes periodic checks to perform optimally. So, as the number of customer installations rose, we began talking to FARO about the need for a local calibration center.”

According to Floris Rouw, FARO’s Director of International Distribution EMEA; “This is a true partnership which involves significant know-how and technology transfer. We have trained three TESIS employees in the center in Stuttgart and they will work with exactly the same proprietary instruments, software and processes as we have here in Germany.”

At the Grand Opening of the new Calibration Center on 16th December 2010, customers from diverse industries will be joined by guests of honor from German and Russian state institutes such as VNIIMS*. According to Kursakov, “the opening of the calibration center will enhance our already positive relationship with VNIIMS and we expect to receive their accreditation in early 2011.”

The application of FARO devices is penetrating all areas of Russian industry: one of the oldest TESIS customers is VSMPO, who supplies 80% of the titanium alloy components used in the aerospace industry worldwide. Another company, Roto Frank, makes plastic windows, “so FARO is keeping planes in the air and keeping the cold winter out”, explains Kursakov. Whatever their industry, FARO customers will benefit from the increased efficiency and convenience that the Calibration Center in Moscow will deliver. In addition to the recalibration, mechanical and electrical components will be checked and cleaned and software upgrades installed.

Besides the celebrations, the opening event will feature a video tour of the new sterile facility and live demonstrations of FARO equipment using the calibration reference tools. The center is a big investment for both TESIS and FARO, in terms of the facility, staff and equipment. But both partners are convinced that it is a wise investment in customer convenience.

* The VNIIMS, originally founded in 1900 by Mendeleev (of periodic table fame), is one of the most important Russian metrology agencies

For further information regarding Calibration Center please contact:
Mr. Floris Rouw, FARO, Director of International Distribution EMEA
T: +49-7150-9797-208,

Mr. Sergey Kursakov, TESIS, General Director
T: (+7)-495-612-4422,

Press & Marketing Contact:
Ms. Malgorzata Krol, FARO, International Distribution & Marketing Manager
T: +49 7150 9797 – 357,

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