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Press-releases      16 Dec 2009

Russian Sigma Technology Collaborates with XC Engineering of Italy

Two leading engineering companies to cooperate for the distribution of unique design optimization software IOSO in Europe.

Moscow, Russia and Cantù, Italy – December 15, 2009 – Sigma Technology, international provider of the design optimization software based on high efficient IOSO optimization technology and XC Engineering, leading engineering and software reseller company in Europe today announced they have entered into collaborative distributor agreement. By this agreement XC Engineering is to be in charge of the distribution of IOSO software across Italy, France and Germany.

IOSO is multi-disciplinary design optimization software developed by Sigma Technology. It is used to improve the performance of complex large-scale systems and technological processes and to develop new materials based on what-if scenarios for arriving at optimal parameters.

About Sigma Technology

For more than 25 years Sigma Technology has developed and implemented highly efficient methods of improving complex technical systems. The company started by assuming that the existence of mathematical models (no matter how complete and accurate they are) and engineering applications (no matter how powerful they are) is not enough for the successful design and modification of modern engineering systems. To create competitive alternatives, it is required to integrate either mathematical models, actual prototypes or engineering applications with the engineering exploration methods inside a unified “optimization environment.” Sigma Technology has developed the unique technology of nonlinear multidimensional optimization — IOSO technology (Indirect Optimization on the basis of Self-Organization).

Sigma Technology is located at Electrozavodskaia St., 20, Moscow, 107023, RUSSIA. Telephone: +7 (495) 788-1060. For more information, go to:

About XC Engineering

XC Engineering is an engineering society active since 2002 in the field of process optimization and numerical simulations. XC Engineering offers its knowledge and professionalism in consulting services, in all those cases where numerical approach gives a solution to complex problems. The software distributed by XC Engineering in Italy, France, and other European countries, satisfy every analysis demand in several fields: FLOW-3D (CFD code) that gives you the possibility to model every flow in every situation, involving thermo-fluid dynamic systems, even very complex ones (multi-phase systems, multi-fluids, with fluid objects coupling); FLOW-3D Cast that is an interface to FLOW-3D, particularly dedicated for foundry users and others.

XC Engineering Srl is located at Via Matteotti, 7, Cantù (CO), 22063, ITALY. Tel/fax: +39 031 715 999. For more information, go to:


Ivan Klochkov
Marketing Chief
Sigma Technology
+7 495 788-1060

Alessandro Incognito
XC Engineering
(+39) 031 715 999

"IOSO Technology" is a trademark of Sigma Technology, JSC
"FLOW-3D" is a trademark of Flow Science, Inc.

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