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4 Mar 2016

JETCAM and OptiSolutions announce technology partnership

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. and OPTISOLUTIONS LLC have announced a technology partnership whereby JETCAM will provide core elements of its Expert nesting system to be used within OPTISOLUTIONS new PDQ Nest product.

PDQ Nest is engineered specifically for the production of PCD cutting tip inserts and combines JETCAM’s powerful nesting functionality with OPTISOLUTIONS WEDM CAM software. It resolves the manual nesting tip geometry on new and remnant PCD material.

JETCAM and OptiSolutions

PDQ Nest can take multiple cutting tip geometries, be given the desired number of each tip, and it will nest the tips on the PCD puck in the most material efficient way possible in seconds. After the nesting process the geometry is automatically passed to the WEDM module to create the NC file for what ever WEDM machine you have. Existing users have reported a savings in programming time in excess of 150%.

Martin Bailey, General Manager for JETCAM International s.a.r.l. commented; “We are delighted that we can be an integral part of this unique solution that OPTISOLUTIONS have created. Having already worked with the team there in the past we are confident that this solution will give customers a competitive edge by saving time and expensive PCD material while increasing production”.

Alan Weeks, Operations Director for OPTISOLUTIONS added; “We believe that this truly is a match made in heaven for users. JETCAM International, an expert in the complexities of nesting and OPTISOLUTIONS, an expert in WEDM. The team here are excited to be working again with our colleagues at JETCAM and to deliver the only product of it kind to the market place, PDQ Nest.”

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