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17 Feb 2016

JETCAM exhibits all-new CrossTrack and Expert nesting software at JEC World 2016

JETCAM will exhibit new versions of its CrossTrack Composite Manufacturing suite, including a new ‘MLM Lite’ level aimed at customers who want low-cost material life tracking of rolls and kits at booth 5A N78, JEC World between 8th and 10th March 2016.

CrossTrack MLM Lite runs on MS SQL Server Express, Microsoft’s free server database platform, providing a cost-effective way to implement a system bringing traceability of both rolls and kits of plies across the cutting room. Staff are presented with a simple to use interface where batches of material can be created and booked in quickly using barcode scanners. Unlimited locations can be added, after which stock can then be tracked as it moves around the facility. Once plies are cut the resulting kits can also be added and tracked. CrossTrack also tracks the remaining life of both rolls and kits, and allows for full reporting using a powerful in-built reporting engine.

Crosstrack feb 2016

CrossTrack MLM Lite is ‘nesting system agnostic’ and does not need to integrate with JETCAM Expert CAM/Nesting software, but can be upgraded to higher end versions at any time in the future if required.

Another inclusion within CrossTrack is document linking. This powerful new feature provides the ability to create an association with any document type to a roll, batch or type of material or, in the SME and Enterprise versions of CrossTrack, also to kits. This is useful, for example, for associating documents such as delivery notes with batches or layup instructions with kits.

JETCAM will also be showcasing the latest versions of its Expert nesting software and Orders Controller software, both of which include several new major features. JETCAM Expert now includes drag and drop ordering, making it much quicker to create orders of plies for nesting directly within the software. JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) benefits from DXF splitting and the same document linking feature as found in CrossTrack.

JETCAM will share booth 5A N78 with Assembly Guidance, and will also demonstrate the integration between CrossTrack and Assembly Guidance’s KitGuide laser guidance ply unloading and kitting system.

Said Martin Bailey, General Manager for JETCAM International s.a.r.l.; “Since its launch six years ago CrossTrack has won several awards and evolved to provide composite manufacturing companies with powerful tools to drastically save time and simply the process of material and life tracking, nesting and unloading. These new features, along with integration into systems such as KitGuide, deliver a demonstrable return on investment and give companies the traceability they need at the touch of a button.”

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