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22 Jul 2015

NEOLANT Launches NEOSYNTEZ PLM for Complete Management of Infrastructure Facilities

New PLM software saves millions of dollars and months of work by optimizing resources throughout the entire facility lifecycle


Moscow, Russia, August 1 – NEOLANT Russia today announced that its latest software NEOSYNTEZ is ready for the industrial and civil construction market. The new package is a Russian-language PLM/PDM system that manages engineering data throughout the entire lifecycle of infrastructure facilities.

NEOSYNTEZ is based on a data-centric approach that makes it possible for the software to develop a full information model of the facility being managed. The information model stores all project information in a single structured vault. Project information includes any element of the facility, as well as related designs, documents, and anything else required to operate the facility. See for more information about the model.


The complete NEOSYNTEZ solution for facility lifecycles

Solving the Partial-PLM Problem

In today’s market, software systems that manage complex industrial and civil facilities range from only doing design all the way through to facility decommissioning. When solutions focus solely on design, they unfortunately exclude the other stages of the facility’s lifecycle. Other solutions use native file formats, requiring data to be exported and imported to and from other formats, with the danger of losing parts in the originals. Many tend to require expensive, high-performance hardware systems, yet at the same time they do not react rapidly to the activities of users.

NEOLANT developed its NEOSYNTEZ PLM platform to be free of the disadvantages described above. It contains all the tools necessary for information-rich support of facilities throughout their lifecycles. For instance, NEOSYNTEZ uses the original CAD/PLM data through its built-in InterBridge tool, which handles data conversion and visualization for most CAD/PLM systems. InterBridge makes it possible to load all information about a facility’s elements.

NEOSYNTEZ is capable of managing large-scale facilities that hold a million or more elements using standard office computers. It ensures fast response times through specifically developed code that promptly displays and manipulates “heavy” information models.


NEOSYNTEZ representing complex information in a variety of formats

“Our NEOSYNTEZ system is effective for making engineering and managerial decision-making, making it practical for solving problems in design, construction, operations, and decommissioning tasks,” said Dmitry Dorobin, head of the Office for Integrated and CAD Technologies at NEOLANT. “This is possible thanks to its ability to display any kind of information from those provided by the system. Information needed by operators, construction crews, designers, researchers, and subcontractor are united in a single information vault.”

In addition, NEOSYNTEZ brings additional competitive strengths to the enterprise:

  • Higher level of quality technical and managerial decision-making
  • Reduced risk of facility information loss
  • Lower facility ownership cost

Accessing data through 3D models and 2D drawings simultaneously

Learn More About NEOSYNTEZ

To learn more about the product, you can install a demo of NEOSYNTEZ on your computer and receive assistance from us:

About NEOLANT Russia

The NEOLANT Russia group of companies offers solutions for complex engineering and IT processes, and supports the management of nuclear and power generation plants. Our solutions are based on the extensive IT expertise and industry-specific knowledge possessed by the NEOLANT team.

We offer the following services:

  • Developing data and simulation models for industrial facilities to support their lifecycles
  • Implementing information systems to manage data in engineering and plant operations through CAD, PLM, BIM, GIS, PDM, and PM integration
  • Researching and developing the engineering design of plant-scale processes, systems, equipment, and capital construction projects
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