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9 Apr 2015

C3D Labs Enters the 3D AEC Market

ASCON Group Runs New Renga Architecture Software on C3D Lab's Kernel

St. Petersburg, Russia: April 9, 2015 ASCON Group, the largest Russian engineering software developer and systems integrator in the field of design and manufacturing automation, last week introduced the first AEC design system built on the C3D geometric modeling kernel from C3D Labs.

Creating a new 3D design system like ASCON Group's Renga Architecture requires extensive use of sophisticated geometric definitions and complex mathematical functions. The developers at C3D Labs adapted their geometric kernel to meet the needs of Renga's programmers and the demands of its many beta testers. Programmers reworked many functions and methods crucial for the smooth operation of CAD-based AEC systems.

Home designed in Renga Architecture

The new Renga Architecture software combines object-oriented programming with customizable modeling. The CAD system allows users to rapidly create 3D representations of buildings and construction sites using well-known commands like Wall, Column, Beam, and Window. The C3D kernel's approach to design fluidity helps greatly in transforming ordinary 3D models of buildings into amazing architectural masterpieces. For more on Renga Architecture, see

For the last two years, C3D Labs worked at implementing the many changes and new kernel functions required for architectural software like Renga Architecture. For instance, it is now possible to create swept surfaces with guides through the new MbSpine entity. In the area of triangulation, joint management was added. C3D's programmers expanded the operation that sets thicknesses, added new constructors, reworked multi-threading, improved link counting, enhanced 2D line dimension calculations, and more.

Vladimir Zakharov

Based on the results of C3D's modeling capabilities, we decided to use it as our geometric kernel, said Vladimir Zakharov, director of the AEC Division at ASCON Group. Our demands were very specific and hard to implement, but the effort by the C3D Labs team proved that our decision to collaborate with them was correct. We found all of the developers at C3D amazingly responsive and customer-oriented, and so we continue to work closely with C3D's developers on future releases of the Renga software line.

Yuri Kozulin

We have been looking forward to seeing Renga Architecture arrive on the market, said Yuri Kozulin, C3D Modeler team lead. Any time a new software product is based on our C3D kernel, it is a win for us and at the same time a great responsibility. The results from the initial Renga Architecture design projects and feedback from customers have been overwhelmingly positive, and so I have high hopes for our kernel's new direction.

C3D Labs is pleased to now be able to collaborate with other developers of AEC systems. To submit your request for an evaluation version of C3D V16, feel free to fill out the registration form at

About C3D Labs
C3D Labs specializes in the technology-intensive market of CAD components. The company develops and markets the C3D geometric modeling kernel, which is used by developers of CAD systems, as well as educational institutions. In 2013, C3D Labs became a resident of Skolkovo, Russia's state development office park
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