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29 Oct 2013

Nanosoft announces nanoCAD 5 and nanoCAD Plus 5

Pro-grade 2D CAD, with native DWG compatibility, open APIs, and the best TCO in the industry

October 27, 2013—Technical professionals have long been used to compromising when it comes to 2D CAD software. While they may want the best in cost, compatibility and capability, they've always had to settle for just two out of three.

nanoCAD 5 and nanoCAD Plus 5 change the game, offering the best total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry, full DWG (*.dwg) compatibility, and capabilities that professional users expect, including a familiar and comfortable interface, powerful drafting and design tools, and full customizability.

nanoCAD 5 is totally free to use and share, for business, professional, or personal purposes. Unlike other free CAD programs, it is neither crippled nor constrained.

nanoCAD Plus 5 is everything nanoCAD is, plus more. Available through a low-cost annual subscription ($180/year, or $220/year for a floating network license), it includes advanced features, early access to updates and fixes, and priority online support. For professional and corporate users, it provides an even better TCO than nanoCAD.

Only a few years ago, nanoCAD was known mostly to industry insiders: A fast, no-frills DWG-compatible CAD system, developed by a team of experienced Russian CAD developers. (Not surprising, since major CAD companies have long relied on highly-educated Russian programmers to develop critical technologies.) The team behind nanoCAD initially built it as a platform to support their popular vertical market CAD applications, so it had to be fast and reliable. It has matured to become a full-featured professional-grade CAD program, relied upon by a quarter-million commercial users.

nanoCAD was first launched internationally, for markets using ISO (metric) units and drafting standards, in 2012. Now, with support for both metric and imperial units and drafting standards, nanoCAD 5 and nanoCAD Plus 5 are ready for the United States.

“nanoCAD has short history, but has grown rapidly,” says Dmitry Popov, Development director, Nanosoft. “Our team learned a lot from our customers from the very first day we launched nanoCAD internationally. The new nanoCAD 5.0 is the answer to the graduate test: We finished our classes, school's out for now, and nanoCAD is ready for work. We know there different users with different needs, so we're launching two different nanoCADs. From now on there will be nanoCAD; free CAD to use and share, for home and business, forever. And there will be nanoCAD Plus; a CAD tool for professionals and corporate users, who expect more and are willing to pay a nominal subscription fee for advanced features, updates, fixes and priority support.”

nanoCAD 5 key features

  • Industry standard interface. nanoCAD's user interface and command structure will be familiar and comfortable for users of many other compatible CAD applications, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD-LT.
  • Fully capable. Far from being a stripped-down crippleware program, nanoCAD includes a rich set of tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. It is production proven, in demanding applications.
  • Completely customizable. nanoCAD's scripting engine lets users write macros using Visual Basic Script, Java Script or any other scripting language supported by Microsoft Windows as well as built-in LISP. For more serious development, nanoCAD supports multiple APIs, including NRX for C++ and .NET (similar to ARX), and the MultiCAD API™ for C++ and .NET, a revolutionary development tool to create binary compatible applications that will run not just in nanoCAD, but also in other compatible CAD systems, including AutoCAD. Users may join the nanoCAD Developer Club, at no cost.
  • Totally free. Free as in beer. No catches, no gotchas.

nanoCAD Plus 5 key features

  • Advanced tools for pro users. Building on nanoCAD's extensive tool set, nanoCAD Plus adds productivity tools, such as advanced layer management, batch plotting, and PDF printing, plus high-end capabilities, such as hybrid raster/vector editing with raster snap, and network license management—with more advanced tools coming in the future.
  • Priority support and updates. nanoCAD Plus subscriptions include priority support, via email, our customer forums, and our help-desk. nanoCAD Plus subscriptions also include updates, with early access to bug-fixes, and all major and minor product updates.
  • Unbeatable TCO. With nanoCAD Plus, there are no high-priced software license fees or extortionate annual maintenance and support contracts—just a simple all-inclusive subscription, priced at $180/year ($220/year for a floating network license.) For professional and corporate users, the priority support and updates included with a nanoCAD Plus subscription give it an even better TCO than nanoCAD.

About Nanosoft

Nanosoft is a community of CAD professionals. Our team consists of people who have been working in the CAD software industry for years—many since the 1980s. We are focused on the creation of high-quality cost-effective CAD solutions. An important goal for us is to provide our customers with an ideal vehicle to upgrade from the use of unlicensed (pirated) CAD software to the use of legitimate software. To accomplish this, we must do our best to minimize any transfer effects experienced by our customers. That is why one of our key strategies is the development of free software products.

nanoCAD and nanoCAD Plus can be downloaded on the web, from

Editorial contacts:
Evan Yares:
Dmitry Popov,

Nanosoft America
P.O. Box 26542
Phoenix, Arizona 85068

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