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13 May 2011

ASCON Announces a Release of KOMPAS-3D V13

Today, ASCON (see for example "ASCON, the Largest Russian CAD/PLM Company: Results of 2010 and Plans for 2011") announced release of its parametric MCAD KOMPAS-3D V13. There are few distinctive features of CAD-system with such a positive number:

  • built-in applications for FEM-analysis and mold design,
  • new instruments for sheet-metal and surface modeling, and
  • a special configuration for instrument design.
From now on, there exist three major configuration of KOMPAS-3D V13: Mechanical, Building and, Instruments: obviously, each of them with a certain specifics enabling more effective work of engineers.

Designers will see in KOMPAS-3D V13 serious development of intelligent building design MinD (model in drawing, model drawing) technologies.

Due to the strong user wishes, the new version includes at last «undo / redo actions in 3D» as well as reports on the graphical document properties.

With KOMPAS-3D V13 you are able not only to create three-dimensional geometry, but also to establish a complete digital description of an information model of the product, analyze its data and prepare for production (by passing it to the manufacturing design system or to CAM programs).

The new version greatly extends possibility of creation 3D curves, which are used as a base for any surface model. There are new commands for surfaces construction and analyze. These innovations allows applying a new design methodology to simplify the engineers work and improve performance.

KOMPAS-3D still considers a drawing as the main output document expected from designer. Therefore, the two-dimensional design allows generating tabular reports for graphic documents and their objects, for instances of views, fragments, and macrocells: now attributes and properties can now be assign to all these elements. recommends to take a look at the video clip created by ASCON especially to present KOMPAS-3D V13: although in Russian, it demonstrates an obvious progress in the company marketing skills and readiness to invest in it:

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