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24 Aug 2009

Cadezy: a new kid in town seeks a revolution in the CAD market by releasing yet another AutoCAD clone

A Russian company Cadezy joined the Open Design Alliance and announced a forthcoming beta-testing of DeskCAD LT.

According to the information at the company’s web-site (, Cadezy Co. was founded by enthusiasts who aspired to nothing less than revolutionizing the global CAD market. At the moment the company cannot offer its own products but their development team is working on closing the gap. The key feature of Cadezy’s CAD-products under development by Cadezy is using the web as the platform for their applications.

Nevertheless, the company intends to start business with a rather standard product – yet another AutoCAD clone on DWGdirect platform, which will be marketed as DeskCAD. It is promised that the new CAD will be compatible with AutoCAD 2009 and support Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms and mobile devices. Cadezy website says that the product is 45% completed.

Company’s web-products are at the same stage of development:

  • WebShow – a tool for browsing DWG-files in the Internet,
  • WebCAD – a fully functional editor of DWG-files, running on Mozilla, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer web-browsers, and
  • WebPM – a tool for collaborative on-line work.

To implement those products Cadezy has already attracted around $1.2 million and keeps looking for investors (according to the information at the company’s website, in the six months following the launch of LT version Cadezy will need roughly the same investments in product development and marketing in view of the expected returns from selling the light version).

Dmitry Kapyshin is the General Director of Cadezy. His bio at LinkedIn says that Mr Kapyshin graduated in 1987 from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and then worked as a journalist in various international magazines and was involved in trading, production of food products and construction. In 2006 he turned to software business and founded several companies, which he still runs as the Director.

Cadezy’s Technical Director Agil Ziyatdinov graduated in 2006 from Russian State Open Technical University for Railway Transportation and has a 3-year experience in software development.

As you can see, Cadezy has everything to make a revolution in the CAD market (enthusiasm, technology, and business experience). And we will just anxiously wait for its benefits, wishing every success to the brave revolutionaries.

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