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20 Dec 2006

The isicad Integrated Tableau: Monthly News from leading PLM and ERP companies

David Levin, isicad editor-in-chief, LEDAS CEO

For already several months I have been engaged in a pleasant and useful task of reading through the news sections of - at least - all companies mentioned in the isicad Who Is Who list. I can hardly insist that selection of news always, or often, represents the actual company’s achievements and position. Still I take it that the news section of the company’s site reflects its nature and style – similarly, the way a person talks and the kind of clothes ones wears can say something important about a person’s character. Competitors and clients will probably have further thoughts when they have an opportunity to compare different styles and approaches – by being able to read and reflect on the focused selection of news from many companies at one go.

I have implemented this idea in a project of publishing a monthly round of news from more than 70 leading companies,- the isicad Integrated News Tableau. The main principles for compiling the Tableau are as follows. It is an authoring publication which reflects my personal choice. Trying to be well balanced, I cannot suppress my curiosity towards exotic, hot or fundamentally important items of news and phenomena.

Every scheduled Tableau column is compiled at the end of each month and contains 1-3-5 news items from the sites of all presented companies. In some cases I would have been happy to publish, for instance, five instead of just a single news item about a well-known and respected company, but the company’s site may not feature any news at all throughout a particular month.

Initially, with orientation towards the Russian market and exclusively the Russian-speaking audience (for instance, for the workers of Siberian plants) I had no intention to put on the Tableau the news from the leading global solution providers. It appeared, however, that Russian representative offices and distributors of the world leading companies may not generate representational news in the Russian language or news at all. Therefore, I have come to a decision that the isicad Tableau will to a certain extent bridge the gap.

The Tableau also has a special section which points to the noteworthy, in my opinion, articles in the relevant Russian-speaking periodicals as well as on the sites of the leading global information and analytical agencies.

Furthermore, the Tableau gives the news of several large industrial companies that took part at the isicad forums. This section can and should be expanded; however, it’s unlikely that our Tableau would reflect the actual PLM+ERP events in the industry by simply showing traditional works news.

I am well aware that at the initial stage of developing the structure of the news Tableau some inaccuracies could have occurred, therefore, I would like to apologize in advance. I would be very grateful for any readers’ comments and suggestions about the balance of information and the source integrity. We would also welcome any co-operation proposals.

You can get a flavor of the Tableau by taking a look at the current state of its Russian version . With every monthly release, we also publish a brief informal comment, here you can see a compilation of October and November editions translated from Russian to illustrate the genre for you. I believe that an English version of the Tableau will be more useful if it mainly presents the original news from Russia translated into English; we plan to implement this part of the project in the Q1 2007.

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