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24 Aug 2009

MAKS-2009 reportage

Last week from August, 18 till August, 23rd in Zhukovsky there passed work of aerospace salon MAKS-2009. This year the salon due to various reasons became, on responses of visitors, show, nut more business-event. This time MAKS established its own record - over $10 billion of contracts.

We publish the small picture story made our correspondent Vladimir Talapov and also selected photos from a popular aviation resource

Sometimes weather shifted plans of flights, but presented amazing beauty a salon panorama.

The unconditional favourite of salon, Sukhoi SuperJet-100

SuperJet interior was shown to all salon visitors

Rare exhibit the "Russian AWACS" -50.

The newest helicopters for the Russian Air Forces, from left to right KTAI, Mi-28, Ka-60 "Kasatka, Ka-52"Alligator"

The champion of salon Su-35 flies up. The Russian Air Forces to buy 48 such fighters.

Wide choice UCAVs for any size.

History and the present, An-124 "Ruslan" and I-15 fighter. Those biplans were fighting 70 years ago in Spain in Spain, on lake Hasan and on the Halhin-Goal river.

Unfortunately, successes -2009 have been saddened by the tragedy which has occurred on training flights on the eve of opening the commander of Russian Knights group Igor Tkachenko was killed in air accident.

Our condolences to family, relatives, and to colleagues on a wing.

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