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24 Aug 2009

MAKS-2009 reportage

Last week from August, 18 till August, 23rd in Zhukovsky there passed work of aerospace salon MAKS-2009. This year the salon due to various reasons became, on responses of visitors, show, nut more business-event. This time MAKS established its own record - over $10 billion of contracts.

We publish the small picture story made our correspondent Vladimir Talapov and also selected photos from a popular aviation resource

Sometimes weather shifted plans of flights, but presented amazing beauty a salon panorama.

The unconditional favourite of salon, Sukhoi SuperJet-100

SuperJet interior was shown to all salon visitors

Rare exhibit – the "Russian AWACS" À-50.

The newest helicopters for the Russian Air Forces, from left to right – «ÀKTAI», Mi-28, Ka-60 "Kasatka, Ka-52"Alligator"

The champion of salon – Su-35 flies up. The Russian Air Forces to buy 48 such fighters.

Wide choice UCAVs – for any size.

History and the present, An-124 "Ruslan" and I-15 fighter. Those biplans were fighting 70 years ago in Spain in Spain, on lake Hasan and on the Halhin-Goal river.

Unfortunately, successes ÌÀÊÑ-2009 have been saddened by the tragedy which has occurred on training flights on the eve of opening – the commander of «Russian Knights» group Igor Tkachenko was killed in air accident.

Our condolences to family, relatives, and to colleagues on a wing.

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