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15 Jun 2009

A brief interview with Steffen Buchwald (Siemens PLM Software)

Steffen Buchwald, recenty appointed vice president and managing director of the Central and Eastern Europe operating region, Siemens PLM Software, gave an exclusive interview to We asked him several brief questions inspired by TenQuestions by TenLinks.

What company is most likely to keep you awake at night?
Usually I find sleep very well so this question is not easy to answer... However, mostly I think about the tremendous potential we as Siemens PLM Software bring to the market in conjunction with the capabilities Siemens in general can offer. We see the top of the iceberg at the moment and the combined offering of digital product development and production planning will bring us and our customers to the next level.
What book are you reading?
Usually I read two or three books in parallel - if time permits. Right now I read an interesting one regarding the current economic climate.. "The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" from Naomi Klein. Maybe a bit one-sided, but worth reading as it provokes thinking.. the second one I read the second time as it is full of good thoughts - "The Alchemist" from Paulo Coelho.
Which leader most inspires you?
I can't say there is one leader in general. Just recently I met with several executives from customers and I was impressed about some of them how they tackle the current economic environment. I think a leader who is executing on the right balance between hard actions to drive success and leadership to motivate the employees to go the extra mile is fascinating..
What did you dream of becoming when your were a child?
As a child I wanted to become a dentist. But I gave up as I realized most people don't like to visit a dentist.. so I decided to start a career with higher probability to meet people who like to see you.
How do you want to be remembered by after you retire?
He got things done and never forgot to treat people respectfully. - This would be quite nice - but it is stilla long way to go for me ;-)
What do you do on Saturdays?
Depends - of course spend time with the family, cycling and finishing the work left from the week ;-)
Your favorite drink?
Water... as it doesn't work without it
Electronic device you canít live without?
Believe it or not - I can't think of one...
What is the main reason why every mechanical/designer is not using your software?
Probably as they have never made familiar with the advantages our offering has... seriously, I think there are also other good product on the market and without competition life would be too easy...
If a movie was made of your life, who would play you?
Difficult to answer - but I would like Tom Hanks to be the actor.
How are you educated?
I believe the education I got from my early childhood is the key for my career progression - and I mean not only the things I learned at school. I finished with a Master Degree of Mechanical Engineering, but I believe life and people around me educate me every day a bit more.
How do you stay in touch with your clients?
Meet and talk and show up not only when the sun is shining.. this gives a good overview, how are we doing..
What is your view of the CAD media?
CAD media are important as our industry is evolving and new challenges - business and technology wise need to be brought to the customers mind. We need competent journalists who can deliver the message and position the various solutions in that respect. Fair, open and down to earth..
What's your major carrier achievement?
I hope I have not experienced yet "the" major highlight ;-) But I would say to be recognized within the market as a strong and capable leader is a good thing.. For sure the next major achievement is around our activities here in Russia/CIS.. but this is too early to talk about and I don't want to give our competition insights about this...

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